WTF ! What Else Could It Be ?

 Okay,  picture this, well, maybe not to much. 

   Last night  I went to the shower to get the baby oil  to use for a lubricant for....well, I needed it in the bedroom.

  It was in the shower, and  had condensation  so I shook it up, and thats when I saw it.   Black  stuff.    I ran in and showed my mate.   We figured it couldn't be anything but mold !    There is only a match size hole in the top,  and it's not like anyone gets dirty enough to cause anything like that. 

  What else could it be ?

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5 Responses Mar 25, 2009

what were you going to use the lubricant for, anal sex? that's more dangerous than mold.

Easy to avoid and clean at this point. Keep curtain closed when it's wet and either clean the small spot or go out buy new one.

true, Mold or algae needs a few things to grow. Heat is one of them and the other a rich food source. Such as water, oil, or sludge. Mold isn't all that bad, they make great CHEESE.

Baby oil goes bad? I'd never have guessed!

Argh! Mold it is matety