Mutual ************

Im straight but also curious... i wanna jerk off with someone and jerk him off as he jerks me off!
Any suggestions? Thanks!
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2 Responses Dec 29, 2011

Well...I've never jerked off with friends (the idea seems weird to me, but if that's what you're into, I won't judge). I'd say figure out who your closest male friends are, and try to get in a conversation about sex. Suggest the idea of a duo jerk (but don't mention you want to touch him or have him touch you) in a joking manner. If they seem down for it, then make it a little more serious. Have a ***** ready (he'll probably need some encouragement). It's unlikely that you'll end up ******* each other off, but you never know where things may lead. Seriously, though, I wouldn't even expect him to be interested in ******* off with another guy. Most people are private about that kind of stuff. Sorry to be pessimistic. I guess good luck to you.

Hi! I'm also straight but I was sleeping @ my cousins was the first time I ever jacked anyone off. I asked my cousin that if he would jack anyone off for money, he told me he wouldn't but that he's jack off with someone related to him. I saw that he was getting a hard one and he was kind-of embarrassed so he grabes his pilow and put it po top of him. I told him..."Having fun?" he lod me that he had a flashback of a **** vid he watched yesterday. He asked my how big my **** was...he told me he was curious. I told him I didn't know and that i'd show it to him if he didn't mind. He told me that it was really big compared to his; I told him that his **** couldn't be that bad, and he pulled his pjs off! He told me that he'd jack me off only if I jacked him off too but we couldn't ***.(I agreed) He jacked me off first, i almost had an ****** but I didn't want him to think I was completly gay. Then, I jacked him off and I think that he almost cumed because he had like an ****** reflex...he went to his bed after that and jacked off alone...I say he liked it. I've seen his **** sometimes after that and he told me he'd suck me off if I didn't have a zit on the back of my ****!