First Truelly Gay Experience

My first true experience happened was when I was about 12 I was all alone in the classroom doing school work after school when he walked in. His name was Dakota. He was my age tall and slightly chubby. He usually wore a T-Shirt and shorts and sometimes brush me and sometimes I'd feel his soft skin against mean which made me hard sometimes. Anyway He walks over to me and without saying anything starts to rub my elbow. I look up surprised and he says "It's so rough" (It usually was from rough housing at recess and lunch) I'm kinda nervous and he continues to caress it slowly. I pull away and continue to work though he isn't done. He sits beside me and starts to rub my back and leg at the same time. shh it's ok he said. I jerk my body and as he's about to touch my crotch I shove him and try to focus back on my work. I can feel his hand gently touching my thigh again and I stand up and walk away. he follows me relentless. I place a hand on his shoulder and try to push him but then he touches my face. His hand is soft and I'm pretty hard at this point. He sticks his thumb in my mouth and smiles. We would have probably kissed if the teacher hadn't walked in.

The next time with him was a year later while we were at Camp together where we had to shower together butt naked and the private stall shower head was broken (of course). So we are bathing normally when all of a sudden he starts rubbing his body including his **** with soapy hands. I backed away knowing what was happening but no matter i got a hard on. He tried to touch it but I grabbed a towel and ran out extremely confused. That night I didn't fall asleep for hours half nervous if he was going to do anything to me at night (we slept side by side) and half hoping he would. the most he did was accidently touch my hand but I'm pretty sure it was an accidental movement in his sleep.

Dakota eventually moved away and for 2 years I was rid of him and had gotten a steady girlfriend but deep down I knew I missed him and after she dumped me I knew I really wanted him. While walking around the neighbourhood feeling sorry for myself I saw him! He was taller skinnier had longer hair and was older but I knew it was him! I ran up to him and said almost to excitedly "HEY DAKOTA" He was taken aback slightly "Hey Justin what's up" I quickly recovered and made up a B.S excuse saying that my parents were fighting so I decided to go for a walk. He said I could come "chill with him" and I agreed. He explained he came back to town because his mom had gotten a job here which made me smile with delight. When we got back to his we did typical guy stuff ate food play videogames and smoked some pot. He told me that he had a few girls but none were his type. when I asked why he winked and said he preferred...the opposite sex. Hes hand went to my knee feeling the skin under my shorts. I smiled and said " I missed you" He put an arm around me and said "Likewise"

We started to kiss slowly at first then our tongues entwined. i felt his hand under my shirt touchin my nipples so I removed my shirt. He began to kiss and lick my chest which felt so good I arched my back and moaned. He wrapped his arms around my bare waist and lifted me up carrying me to his bedroom (he had always been strong and I didn't way much) As he flopped me down and lay upon me i grabbed his *** and fumbled at his pants so they'd come off. Eventually they did as did the boxers and I began to suck his big **** off. He must of liked it because he started to moan my name and was pushing my head so that his **** was fully in my mouth. He didn't *** though thank god and I asked if he could do it to me. He was more than willing to. he removed my boxers and licked the sides and tip then when straight to the sucking . I moaned and moaned this was better than any girl could do to me. He then asked if i wanted Anal and I said yes which made him light up like a Christmas tree. He lubed my hole and roughly penetrated me. It hurt more than it pleasured me but I did it so he'd be happy. I then did so to him which felt ok but was nothing like the BJ. We then jerked each other off until we came. I then left. I felt soo good and wanted to do it again (which we did do thank god). Sadly he moved and I haven't seem him since. I'm still interested in women but this was one of the best experiences my life and I wish to do it again.
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What a sad ending... I hope you meet him again.

Well honestly I am quite over it and have been for a while in fact I haven't really thought about men in a while :/