First Gay Experience

When I was in third grade I had a really good friend and we always hung out, recently I had found a Penthouse in my brothers room and was amazed by what was inside. The next time my friend came over I asked if he wanted to see it as well. I smuggled it out of the house and we went into the woods where a bit of a tree house. We went inside and started looking at it. I was hard right away excited not only by looking at it but looking at it with someone else. I think he noticed and said that we should give each picture a rating. He said we should both pull our pants down and rate each picture by "touch, luck, or s-uck" I wasn't really sure what he meant so he went first. He chose lick, bent down and licked my ****. This went on until we got to the end, I was picking mostly touch with a couple licks, he picked lots of licks and sucks.

When we were finished with the magazine we both were still standing there with our pants down looking at each other. He said he had an idea and flipped through the magazine to a picture of two girls 69ing. He said that we could try that, at this point I was up for anything. I lied down and he got ontop of me. We were both small at that point and could fit each other all the way in our mouths. I liked the way he tasted and the fact that it was very warm. This went on for quite awhile until he had another suggestion. "I found out later that he used to watched his dad's **** and knew much more than he was leading on"

He stood up and bent over grabbing his ankles he said you can put your thing in there its called butt sex again I had no complaints and walked up behind him. I tried to push into him but was having trouble my **** was still small and the logistics just weren't working. He told me to sit down he sucked on my **** leaving it wet then turned and sat down in my lap. This time it went in he started moving his butt around a little bit and almost right away I came, I kind of pushed him off me because I wasn't sure what happened. He explained it to me but I felt a little strange and made up that I thought I heard my brother coming back there. Before we went he told me that once you have sex you have to tongue kiss the person, which we did, he turned around and bent over as slow as he could to pull his pants up. I was still sitting there with mine down my **** still hard. He reminded me I thought my brother was coming and I jumped up and we went back inside. We had more times similar to this if people like this one i'll be sure to post more.
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Love it m8 more plz