My First Sucking

On holiday in the Canaries and enjoying the freedom of being naked was a great joy. I used to go off on naked walks along the beach and on into rocky coastline. There are not many people about and majority are male. I assumed some to be gay and other like me just enjoying being naked and free.
One day saw one of the guys standing looking out to sea playing with his ****. Got to say it did turn me on and I continued watching him for a while and he knew I was watching and my **** was giving away what I was thinking. I gave him a wave and walked on. On my way back I looked out for him and he was resting behind a big rock still playing with his ****. Feeling a bit braver and knowing there was no one about I went over and just stood there and watched him.
I told him it looked good and could I watch, he answered me in broken English being a local and said that is OK. So for a few minutes I watched him playing with himself and with my own **** standing hard and me giving it a few wanks. I could feel I would come quickly. I have never had any gay experience so was surprised what happened next. I got closer and told him how good he looked, lovely all over tanned body and nice circumcised **** not too big. I asked if I could feel him and he said yes that would be nice. I gave a bit of a hand job, then he started to **** me, I got him to stop as I would have just come.
Then I took myself by complete surprise. I knelt down and took his **** in my mouth and started licking and sucking him and playing with his balls and I stuck one of my fingers in my mouth to lubricate it then stuck in the finger in his arse and slide it in and out.   At that his whole body stiffened and he came in my mouth. I had never done this before and did not realise what had happened at first and then spat out some of his ***** before going back down on him and sucking the rest off him off and swallowing it. Tasted really nice to my surprise. When I had finished I smiled and he said that was good, I then kissed him and transfer the remaining come inot his mouth.     I was now bursting but there was someone else coming so he coud not recipricate.   He said he would be there next day which was my last day however when got there was quite a few others about so never got to see how far I would go.
I have now find this was a regular gay area and the signal would be to play with yourself and see if anyone was interested.    We would probably have been ok to have carried on that day although may have had a spectator.   However never did and keep hoping to get back thee one day and finsh what was started.
fuckmyarse fuckmyarse
66-70, M
Jan 22, 2013