Gay Experiences

I've actually had few gay experiences, but only ever with the same two guys. They were old school friends and used to fool around with each other. One day they somehow managed to get me involved!

We were also outside, sunbathing in a field on a hot day. One of my friends passed a joint around, and it was suggested that we all took our clothes off. At the time it seemed so perfectly natural and innocent that I didn't even question what I was doing until I was pulling down my boxer shorts. I felt a stab of shame made me pause. They were about to look at my penis.

I knew from our enforced showers at school that I was below average size, and not that well developed for my age (I was 18 at the time). To add to my reluctance, my foreskin was (and still is) unusually long and overhanging- I was worried they might start laughing at me! (Luckily only one person has really ever openly made fun about my penis in front of others. He saw me once having a bath at uni and took an embarrassingly keen interest in my overhanging, nozzle-like foreskin. From then on, he would often call me "aardvark" or tell me my **** looked like an anteater's snout. I saw his penis once and it was massive- it certainly put mine to shame!)

However, it was too late to back out now. Within a minute or so, we were all completely naked.

The shame I started to feel skyrocketed as my eyes were inevitably drawn to their penises. They were both long and well developed, but the older of the two's was especially impressive- thick and muscular, with a large, graceful head. They suggested wrestling each other, which gave me some much needed relief from the embarrassment of the situation.

After a little while of this, the younger guy began to get aroused. It was probably the thrill of being physically dominated in front of me. Luckily I didn't have to worry so much about getting hard myself, as I had *********** a few hours ago, by myself at home.

I think there was a bit of banter about the younger guy's excitment, but they carried on. They stopped after a while and we went back to sunbathing.

After a few minutes of this, the older friend called my name. I opened my eyes to see to my absolute astonishment that the younger guy was submissively licking and sucking his penis.

I was very surprised, as I had no idea they were into that sort of thing. Seeing how uncomfortable I must have looked about it, they went off to "talk" together. The younger guy's penis was so aroused by the situation that it was ramrod stiff and red at the end. As the older guy helped him up off the ground, a tiny spray of ***** shot from his penis.

I was very confused by the sitation. Though I was an inexperienced virgin (and would remain so for another year), I still though of myself as "straight" and had strongly conflicting feelings which would take me time to come to terms with.

A few months later, whilst out drinking with the younger friend, I found myself bringing the incident up. It had been on my mind an awful lot, and I was extremely curious. I asked him question after question, until he offered to show me how enjoyable it was to be fellated. He told me to go with him to the gents.

I couldn't believe I went along with it! I was overwhelmingly curious, I suppose, and had to at least feel what it felt like once! I had never had another person touch my penis before (apart from a nurse once at school) so I was very nervous and excited- I don't think I could ever have done it without the alcohol lowering my inhibitions.

We locked ourselves in a cubicle, and he unzipped my fly. I couldn't believe this was really happening, but it was. I popped my small, soft penis into his mouth, and started to lick and suck me. It felt amazing.

After just a little while of this, I became desperate to do it to him. He was suprised by my eagerness, and told me I must have done it before as I started to return the favour. After a few minutes of this, we decided we had better rejoin our other friends, or they might ask what we had been doing!

A few more drinks down the line, the pub was closing and we had mowhere to go. My older friend had the key to an old, run-down flat some other friends used to live in, and me and him decided to go there. My younger friend and everyone else went back to a more comfortable house.

When me and the older guy got into the flat, there were pots of paint and decorating materials everywhere. After going inside we sat down and chatted. Then he suggested again that we took our clothes off.

This time I was ready and more than willing. Once we were both completely naked, I got down on the floor, and then put his huge penis into my mouth.

I was suprised by how aroused I had become. I think a big part of it was the thrill of the situation- a young and quite innocent virgin with a small, boyish, uncircimcised member corrupted completely by two dominant and well-endowed schoolfriends, who were making sure that my first sexual experiences were gay ones. To add to the humiliation, they were each a year younger than I was.

Personal hygiene definitely wasn't top of this guy's list of priorities; he had the casual arrogance of a man with a big penis who knew he could always be dominant in the bedroom. Even though his penis did taste very unpleasant, he had a normal, smallish foreskin which didn't cover the head when he was aroused, as mine did. It certainly looked much cleaner and more presentable than my rather sorry offering- I had a feeling mine would taste worse! That might explain why, to this day, I can count the number of "blow" jobs I've received on the fingers of one hand!

Strangely, the unpleasant taste of him turned me on in a way the cleanness of our younger friend didn't- it made me feel more submissive. Why should my friend have to bother cleaning himself properly down there, when he had me to do it for him!

He really seemed to enjoy it, until he suddenly got even bigger, hotter and harder in my mouth, and just emptied his big balls into my face.

His ***** tasted utterley disgusting, but for some reason I gulped it all down and licked him clean. He started putting on his clothes, confirming my suspicions that he preferred to receive rather than give! The fact that I had been used in this way and was given no sexual pleasure made the sitauion perversley more erotic. Though he now lost interest in the idea of sex, I was more aroused than I had ever been. I felt cheap and slutty for letting him come in my mouth and for drinking his come- but in a good way!

We both ended up going upstairs to one of the old bedrooms- he was fully clothed and I completely naked, with an embarrassing erection he totally ignored. I ended up laying on the floor as he poured on of the pots of white paint over my body.

After I had washed it all off in the freezing cold bath (it was winter and the flat no longer had hot water), I went round to see the younger friend as I was eager for more.

We quickly ended up in the bathroom, and unsurprisingly he ended up in my mouth again! A second penis emptied itself into my mouth. I was becoming quite the ****- even though I hadn't actually had sex! Again, after he had come, he lost interest in sex and got dressed whilst I lay on the floor, totally frustrated, but too embarrassed to pleasure myself in front of him.

That was the first evening where I discovered I enjoyed being dominated sexually, and enjoyed having my own pleasure ignored.

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Thanks- I'm glad! That's a nice thought... It was such a lovely experience, and so unexpected! A big part of it, I think, was the humiliation of the whole thing. The way they were both so much more experienced and much better hung than me- even though they were both younger than me. The way they both corrupted me (willingly!) from being an innocent virgin to a ***-hungry ****...I think best of all was the lovely "used" feeling that spread throughout my body after they'd both casually cummed in my mouth with their huge, sexy ***** and just completely ignored my own pitiful ****, my own desperate desire to ***. Far and away one of the sexiest things that's happened to me. I think about it often- I get so turned on thinking about sucking on their big dicks until they exploded into my mouth... I have to admit I'm get a little turned-on now! I might need a cold shower...!

Made my **** hard, great story.

I want u 2 suck mine.....great story...*****

Outstanding story there! Thanks for sharing it!

Thanks for the comments guys! Yeah I'm really glad the whole thing happened, it was a really nice experience... I would recommend it to anyone! I suppose it was sort of a "life changing experience" in a way... I think about it a lot! (Especially when I'm horny!!!)

and thinking about it probably makes you even hornier.

I loved the story. Wish I had an experience like that.

I have a big foreskin too, and it is a little bit unconfortable, but i can put it down when i have an erection, but sometimes it gets up again...

Totally hot story! (Made me ***.) Thanks for sharing all the juicy details. I'd love to hear more.

Awesome. Absolutely awesome.