Gay Time At Camp

me and 3 of my best friends were going on school camp when i was in  year 8 we were in the same room together on the 1st we left our rooms & went to the chubby boys room & played truth or dear & i dear-ed everyone to have sex with each other so we did & we all liked it & we did it every night  the whole week & now me and my friends r gay now


bryceg3 bryceg3
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4 Responses Dec 21, 2009

"Now me and my friends are gay."

I like those words.

you turned all your freinds gay!!!

DARED, not dear-ed. This story sounds generic and fake, but if you say it happened, then I trust you. You were probably gay before that, though, so don't blame the experience on "turning you gay". After all, you're the one that wanted everyone to have sex with each other.

Wow. You have really bad grammar. No offense.

no he dont!


I'm sorry but most of these stories sound fake. Most also sound they are written by the same writer.!!!!. The two 20 year olds having a sleepover was pathetic.