Dear Lord.

I actually started a group on here called, "I have had the realcare baby experience", some perverts have taken it to mean I am one of those adult babies or something, but actually it is referrring to my TWO weekends (including a four day weekend last week due to snow) of taking care of my SISTER'S baby from school.

UGH!  Get a baby and give it to me!  That's everyone's answer lol!

The first weekend, a month ago, she brought home the computerized baby doll for a practice run.  She took it to her dad's house that night.  Well, by 6AM saturday she was ready to throw the baby off a bridge, or leap off of one herself.  She was calling and texting my mom nonstop to pick up the baby and bring it to me!  She finally asked me herself and I said yes because she did have some horse riding crap going on that day.

When we picked him up my mom needed wal-mart for something.  I had to bring the baby in there.  I was getting major dirty looks from idiots who obviously have never heard of early-childhood development class.  Later that night I even took him to play mini-golf.  Well, that was rather interesting.  This one woman watched in horror as i tucked the swaddled baby under my arm to text.

I didn't get very much sleep those two nights either (I let him sleep with me on sunday night because my bro and sis have to get up for school and my mom didn't want them getting woken up by it).  It was on hard mode, and cried once every hour and a half.

Well I forgot that it had only been just a practice run.  Three weeks later, last weekend, she came in my room after getting off the bus and put the car seat in the floor and said, "Here's his outfit!" Then she left for her dad's.  Luckily that baby was on easy mode.  Unlucky for me, it snowed sunday night and the kids were out of school for two days.  So I had him an extra two days.  My sister was home monday and tuesday, but she would only take it for about an hour each time.

My mom asked my sister if there were any boys in the class who were getting a baby and she said yes, so my mom asked my brother what he would do if he got one.  His response, "Give it to B" (me).

So apparently I'm the childcare giver in my family.  I already knew that though.

urbrandofheroin urbrandofheroin
22-25, F
Mar 7, 2009