Foolish me to think that I was lucky because I only needed two wisdom teeth extracted instead of the regular four.

Surprisingly, the procedure went really well. Before I could ask for laughing gas, both wisdom teeth were already removed. I thought to myself that since the procedure was soooooo easy that the recovery should be relatively easy as well. Especially considering that my dentist felt no need to prescribe antibiotics or painkillers. He actually believed that 2 Advils or 2 Motrins would alleviate the pain I would feel.
Overall, smooth sailing. Removal of the top wisdom tooth caused essentially no pain and the removal of the bottom wisdom tooth was more annoying than it was painful.

Uh oh! My lower jaw is transcending from a nuisance to a serious pain. Though all the signs of something bad were already beginning to appear, I did not believe that I was experience any sort of complication.
Staying asleep proves to be very difficult because of the throbbing pain in my mouth.

By this time, the internet has compounded my anxiety. I've literally read all the internet has to offer about "wisdom teeth, " "wisdom teeth removal", "why does this hurt so much," etc. I've convinced myself that something is wrong. My lower jaw has not ceased in causing me pain and continues to throb. A dozen Advils and Motrins later, the pain fails to subside. Since the internet says I shouldn't be feeling so much pain, it must be true. Something is clearly wrong, right? But of course, I realize how crazy this makes me look. You really cannot believe everything you read on the internet but boy, does the internet do a good job in convincing me that my death is around the corner. I take what the internet has to say with a grain of salt. What's the worst that can happen, right?

The pain in my lower jaw has magnified. It seems like it has a pulse of its own. Sleeping was incredibly difficult. I decided its time to go back to the dentists office. There, I learn that, lo and behold, I have a dry socket. To anyone who is freaking out about having a dry socket, your fears are justified. It is beyond awful. Dry sockets occur when the blood clot that is formed above the extraction point is dislodged. This can be caused by many things. In general, the cause of dry socket is due to negative pressure entering your mouth (i.e. spitting, sucking, rinsing too vigorously). The dentist proceeded to remove my sutures, let the socket "bleed out", fill it with some kind of stinky solution that has made my breath smell foul, and stitch the socket back up. Does that sound petrifying? It should.

Dry socket is basically your body's way of saying "i've decided to extend this nightmare they call wisdom teeth removal." Saying it sucks and its awful is a gross understatement. It beyond sucks. It is beyond awful. Now, I have begun a round of antibiotics (which I would have been half way done with if I was originally given antibiotics) and real painkillers.

Point of the story: Having only two wisdom teeth removed is just as bad as having all four removed.

gabrielasg28 gabrielasg28
22-25, F
Aug 22, 2014