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I had open heart surgery in 1972 when I was 4 y/o. It was a congenital mitral valve repair (a hole in the valve) and was patched with a graft.

Today at 42, almost 40 years later I can tell you that my life has been quite normal and honestly as much as I abused my body with alcohol and very strenuous labor and have been smoking since the age of 12... (yes, I know now as an adult, but as a kid, I didnt care what I did) I am grateful for the 42 years.

My question is I have started having chest pains, I know that getting "flutters" or paplatations are par for the course according to my cardiologist, but the chest pain is really scary.
After being admitted for the past week, I have found, my blood and echo show that i am not having a heart attack, even with pain radiating down my left arm and into my jaw.
No stroke (TIA), nothing, i keep getting told its stress. anxiety.
Being 38 years post open heart, I have no where to look for people older then I as far as survival.
Does anyone have more then 38 years post? Are you having any issues with health?
Ive gotten 3 serious opinions from 3 different cardiologists.
Cany experience?
Rainieflagg Rainieflagg
1 Response Aug 4, 2010

Good afternoon Rainieflagg, my name is FAtima Sharif. We have almost identical situations except I was born in 1972 and had surgery at about 5. I am interested in hearing more about your lived experience post open-heart surgery.

Warm regards,
Fatima Sharif