Strange Behavior

Well, I was a classic heart attack. 4 sprays of nitro got me to the ER and a stent. The other 3 arteries needed a bypass ASAP. So 2 weeks later they sawed me open and snagged a vein from my leg and did a remarkably artistic job of sewing my heart some new irragation. It all went great, no complications. I had more energy and stamina. I was healing faster than expected. Then I started feeling weird and acting weird. I was already on zoloft to prevent the after surgery depression so that didn't seem it. I almost felt cursed, like something was out to get me. I cut back on all the meds but that just made it worse. Physically I'm doing fine except that feeling that I have a hubcap on my chest, its just that weird Twilight Zone feeling I need to shake. I'm only 4 weeks after the surgery so am giving it time. It just feels strange.
betterred betterred
Oct 8, 2010