3 Weeks After Ohs Now. Recovery Is Hard Work!!

I'm 19, had my second open heart op there 3 weeks ago. wow.. it is tough work, not the operation, its when you get home and have to start getting back into a routine. Thats what I am finding difficult anyway. 

I was born with heart problems, when i was a week old i had an aortic suspension done and a few other things done to my heart that i honesty dont remeber the medical terms for. Anyway, had problems through my whole toddler years and teen years, but dealt with it all as it came. About 2/3 years ago i started to suffer serious breathing difficulties, chest pains, numbing sensation in my legs and arms when sitting for long periods of time, I couldnt walk long distances for id suffer from palpitations and breathlessness. so i went to my consultant, and after tons of tests they discovered a hole inside my heart that was getting bigger the longer it was left. They knew about it when i was a baby but thought nothing of it. they tried keyhole surgery to close it but discovered that the hole was much bigger than what the tests were saying. the tests were saying it was around 7mm big, but when they went in, they found it was 1.5inches.  so open heart surgery was schedualed again!

what i want to know is how everyone deals with the recovery period? i was so young the first time i dont remember anything about it. 

any comments will be greatly appriciated.

Thanks xx
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Prayers for you... keep it up you will get defeat this desease

by gohealth.in

It's been six weeks after ohs for me and its tough.Every one says it gets better but when?

hey there..last October I had my open heart surgery..before the surgery I was at the gym daily and trai<br />
ing upto 3 times a week in kickboxing..the eight days I spent in hospital were the worse because I had no time to myself..once I got home my recovery became alot easier.for 8 weeks I walked daily for a minimum 30min each time increasing my instencinty.truthfully the first few weeks were murder.I couldn't even walk around the block without feeling like my chest was going to explode!.I started to feel like there wasn't any end to my weakness etc..trust me when I say each week will get easier and easier!.remember to do light stretching to prevent chest pains.now since then I have returned the 15kilos of weight I lost and returned to my kickboxing.short of the fact I have a huge scar I wouldn't be wiser that I had anything done.I'd even go as far as saying I'm fitter than prior surgery.<br />
be positive and keep working at if daily and you will do great!..Takecare