I Had Open Heart Surgery

Hi, my name is Thomas Edison Greear, I was born in Ames, Iowa on October 12, 1994. I was born with a heart birth defect - Severe Aortic Stenosis.  When I was born I was blue due to my aortic valve almost being closed off.  My heart was the size of a three year old at birth.  I was life flighted to the University of Iowa Children's Hospital when at the age of 2 days old I had open heart surgery to cut the Aortic valve open to relieve the pressure.  After surgery all kinds of doctors were in and out, neurologist ran test, told my mom and dad that my brain was on the small side and they predicted I was going to be a mentally challenged midget.  When I went home I was having difficulties in completing task that a normal baby could do and found out that at the age of 8 months old I had to have open heart surgery again (1995).  This time it was a fairly new surgery, one that had only recently been performed on adults - so I was at that time the first infant to have it done on.  This is the Ross Procedure.  This is where the Surgeons removed the damaged Aortic valve and in its places moved my Pulmonary valve in hopes that it would continue to grow with me.  And in the pulmonary valve spot I receive a homograft (donor valve from a 5yr old boy).  With the great physician, my best friend Jesus Christ helping guide the hands of the Surgeons performing the work, surgery was a success.  At the age of 9, June 2004, I had to have my third open heart surgery, this time I was given a pig valve. Isn't it quite odd to think that here we have people out that trying to say  we come from Apes and Monkeys yet surgeons are using pig valves!  Something wrong with this picture?!  How ironic is it that we look like an ape but the inside of a pig is more human.  Now at the age of 18 I am scheduled to have heart surgery yet again.  This pig valve has done what it was intended to do yet has worn out.  Job well done...time for a new one.  This time with a new procedure via catheter...August 22nd I will receive a new Melody Valve.  I will be able to sing that great old Christian hymn with meaning:  In my heart there rings a Melody, there rings a melody with heaven's harmony...!   I believe in miracles, and I believe that I didn't survive to live today by chance. I believe the great Lord almighty Jesus Christ saved me and I will NEVER forget that. Myself and my mother thank him everyday for saving me to be allowed to live a life in this world. 
God has a plan for us all and he is still working on mine - like a painter painting a master piece I am not yet finished.  I am thankful that he gives the wisdom to these earthly doctors to come up with new procedures as they do today.  On Thursday, as during each surgery I have had in the past my best friend, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ  will be by my side and guiding the surgeons hands to complete the delicate task at hand.
I thank you for taking the time to read my experiences and hope that my words may have been an encouragement to someone else out there.  May God bless you all!   Oh yeah, one more quick note...back up a bit - your remember that comment that the Neurologist made "mentally challenged and a midget"  well God had other plans which prove them all wrong...I graduated with a GPA of 3.25 and I am 6'8" tall.!!!   Thank you all - Thomas Greear
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I was also born a blue baby. Had my surgery at 30 hrs old in San Fran Cali. Had my second one at 16 to fix asd. Come to find out at 30 the I need my pulmonary valve replaced, but can't because I also found out that I contracted hep c from my first surgery. Almost three years later I'm finely finishing up my treatment for the hep c and my be able to have the surgery in the next year along with a liver transplant.

well i am glad you made it amazing its nice to hear a positive story for a change stay well live a long life vinny

Amazing story, i myself have had heart surgery but i was 9 when i had mine. I had a whole in my heart tht didnt close when it was sapposed to so the doctors had to go in and place a device in to close it up. Im very greatful they found it because if they hadnt fixed it in time i would have died before my 10th birthday

You are right Thomas I know the Lord saved you and am so proud that you are giving Him the Glory for your life. I praise Him for keeping you day by day, and you have put Him first in your life. Keep on keeping on with the Lord, He has great plans for you. LOVE GRANZY

This was really nice to read. I had the same thing when I was born, I was born a blue baby and at that time they called it the mustard operation. I am now 34 and enjoying every moment of my life. I had the operation done in 1981 in Toronto Canada.