I Had Open Heart Surgery

Hi, Im 24 years and just recently had my 3rd open heart. I was what they call the "blue baby", when i was 8 days old i had my first open heart. I had trasnposition of the great arteries, i also have two holes in my heart and vsd. My 2nd open heart was when i was 6 because my heart was growing but my scar tissue did not so the doctor had to put a patch over my aorta. My recent open heart was due to more scar tissue, my main left cornary artery was completely closed so the doctor had to open the artery, he had very little to work with so i hope it does not close back up. I do not remember very much of my other surgeries but this was not very much fun. It is very amazing how many young people have to have open heart, good to know im not alone. Everyone's situation is different but we all kinda go through the same thing, hope this is the last one for all of us and we can all live normal happy lives! Good luck everyone.
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Hello Kitkat0688, your story is very illuminating. I would definitely like to learn more about how you dealt with certain areas after each surgery. There are still some areas that I struggle with even years after my open-heart.

Fatima Sharif

how are you doing now?