My name is Fatima Sharif. I am an open-heart surgery survivor. I was born with a heart defect and had corrective surgeries at 6 and 7. To be honest, my parents thought all was fixed and so I never went to a cardiologist again. Then one day at work as a Financial Advisor my heart started racing. I felt like I was having an anxiety attack. I went home and then went to my primary care physician who put me on a heart monitor and referred me to a cardiologist. That was in 2007 and that is when I learned that oops heart disease is ongoing and I actually had to take care of my heart. Now I am a living survivor and a woman who is highly aware of the complexities of life after open-heart surgery.
FatimaSharif FatimaSharif
41-45, F
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hi Fatima. when you went to the doctor when your heart was racing was there anything going on? I just posted a question if you have time can you read it and tell,me what you think?