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Pre-puberty ******

I began ************ by 8. During that year I went from playing to pleasuring myself. By 9 it was for the pleasure of it. I remember stroking reaching a fevered pitch. Until I peaked! Two things happened. My penis became to sensitive to touch and a single dribble of clear fluid dripped from the tip. Anyone else experience this?
Cocknhand77 Cocknhand77 31-35, M 2 Responses Apr 7, 2012

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I can remember just a couple years older than you were rubbing my penis so hard I would make it red and sore for a couple days after. But usually I couldn't wait that long to play with it again lol

I started just after my 5th birthday. Happened by accident while I was exploring things down there. I experienced a wildly-intense & long-lasting dry ****** the first time I touched myself down there. I had no idea what had just happened to me, but it felt so unbelievably good that I did it again right away. Those two ******* were the most intense & long-lasting of any I have ever experienced. I nearly passed out. Later that evening, I learned that I if I kept going after the first one, I could experience many 'special feelings' in rapid succession. I was truly multi-orgasmic back then. I nearly always experienced 3 or 4 extremely intense 30-second ******* in rapid succession. It often felt like one super-intense 2-minute ******. I also discovered that if I kept going after that, I could repeat the entire experience over & over again, with just a couple of minutes or so between 'volleys'. The only limit was my ability to handle the intensity. I had no knowledge of sex or ******* at that age. I just knew that I could give myself these extremely intense & wonderful 'special feelings' whenever I wished, and as many times in a row as I wished. Throughout my childhood, I made the most of my 'ability' at every opportunity! I often tried to see now many ******* I could have in a row before I could no longer stand the intensity. Sometimes, I would nearly pass out when I did that - but it felt so unbelievably great that I did it as often as possible. That was a lot of fun! I had no refractory period at all until I reached puberty & started to *********.

My ******* were completely dry until I was about 11. I then noticed a drop or two of clear fluid, like you did. But I didn't start *********** until just before I turned 12. Sadly, that was also the end of my super-intense, endless *******. Shorty after I ********** for the first time, the very nature of my ******* rapidly changed dramatically.. My dry ******* were full-body. The sensations shot through my entire body like a bolt of lighting. They were so intense that my I would convulse & shake uncontrollably. Sometimes, I would nearly pass out. My ejaculatory ******* were more centered around the groin area, and they were far, far less intense. Also, the many peaks before the big release were replaced with the typical adult male orgasmic response. The duration went from 30 seconds down to maybe 10-15 seconds, and I no longer experienced 3 or 4 ******* within seconds of each other. From that point on, my ******* only came one-at-a-time. For the most part, I also lost the ability keep going afterward & repeat the experience over & over again. My refractory period went from zero to about 10 minutes. I could sometimes achieve a second or maybe even a third ****** without losing my erection, but it would usually take me 5-10 minutes to reach ****** again after the first one.

I've read that there is some evidence suggesting that a boy's dry ****** is qualitatively similar in intensity & duration to the female clitoral ******. From what I've learned from reading & by discussing this with a number of girlfriends over the years, this certainly seems to be the case for me. I've also read similar reports from other guys. How about you?


Were you also multi-orgasmic back then? Were your dry ******* also more intense & did they last longer?

BTW - I started a thread on this topic so those of us who had similar experiences can discuss them. Check out the first post & let me know what you think.