Many Things Fit In Peehole

in chatting in the net i found some day a guy who had great fun in inserting things in his peehole. getting curious about this i also tried to put some things in my peehole too. so i tried out several things which had the diameter to fit in the little hole of my erect penis such as little tubes, pencils, metal sticks and others.....the best session till now i had during an very arousing chat with another guy. i had a wooden pencil that had a dimension of about 9 milimeters an a length of 15 centimeters that was ideal for inserting in my peehole. i did some oil on the pencil to get it easier in the peehole and shoved it slowly down in my penis. durig this the other guy watched on webcam.
as beeing quite horny i put the penicil in my penis all the way down till nothing of it was to be seen any more.the pencil slipped inside down my glans, where a light ancle is in the peehole, so it stayed inside till i shot moy hole load out of the tiny slit that was left beside the pencil.....only in stretching the penis in that way that the peehole is a straight way i was able to get it out again. that was a very intensive ******, but it is not easy to get things out again that are so deep inside under the glans of the penis. hope this story gets other members aruosed enough to tell hers also in this communitiy.
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1 Response Dec 3, 2012

nice story. I put things inside my peehole since I was a kid, and I enjoy stretching it...