I Had Placenta Accreta At 20

I was 20 when I had my first child. My husband is in the Army, so we were stationed in Stuttgart Germany. I was induced due to having high blood pressure. Although I was having regular strong contractions for 24 hrs, I was not dilating. They then decided to do a C-Section. For whatever STUPID reason, I agreed to let a student try my spinal. Well, he missed and I never went numb. Because my blood pressure started to raise, they decided to put me to sleep and have my husband leave the room. Five minutes later the light of my life was born. Immediately though, they noticed my uterus wouldn't contract. They tried a bunch of different methods and medications, but I kept bleeding. In an effort to save my life, they did a hysterectomy on the spot without telling my husband any of this.

When I awoke I was in ICU and alone. My immediate thought was something happened to the baby. I then saw a nurse and through the language barrier somehow asked for my husband. (I took several hours to wake up after the surgery and he was upstairs on a different floor with the baby) When he arrived he was crying and my fears seemed to be confirmed that something happened with the baby. Then he bunch of doctors gathered around my and gave me the news of what happened. I was in such a haze, I had no idea what any of it meant. All that hit home, was I can't have any more children. My hubby then left to get our daughter for me to meet. I fell asleep and awoke to seeing this tiny little girl coming my way. It was the happiest moment of my life. However, she was fully dressed and it had been four hours since she was born. I worried about her being hungry and wanted to breastfeed her right away. As I held her for the first time, I felt this crushing pain and started to black out. The doctors all came back in and they determined I had more internal bleeding going on. I was terrified and asked the only nurse that spoke English if I was dyeing and her response was a shoulder shrug. From there, I blacked out.

When I awoke again, my immediate thought was, I'm alive. I had three IV's going, one in each arm and one in my neck. I was told I received two blood transfusions and was being monitored for more. My husband came back again with the baby and I was able to hold her once again. I spent that evening sedated to rest and the next day was moved to the regular ward. Because of what had happened, it seemed as though all the nurses were avoiding us and our questions. We left alone a lot of the next four days trying to process what went on. I was so weak, I could barely hold a fork to eat. Finally on the 5th day I decided to check myself out of the hospital. I would be more comfortable at home and that's what we did. What the idiot doctors failed to tell me was that my blood pressure was still sky high and they hadn't been giving me any medication to bring it down. Upon following up with my regular doctor on base the following day, they immediately wanted me back in the hospital. I refused unless they sent me two hours away to the military hospital. They finally agreed and I was sent by ambulance, again leaving my daughter with her dad.

Upon arrival they quickly got my blood pressure under control and starting sending in grief counselors. At this point, I was numb and couldn't hear a thing. The damage and trauma of what happened was already done. I was released 24 hours later and spent the next year avoiding doctors at all costs. During the first year, I had nightmares of all the events that went on. I couldn't bare to see a pregnant women either.

I finally sought counseling right before my daughters first birthday. They diagnosed me with having PTSD. I would have never thought, but upon researching it, agreed. I spent another 14 months in counseling which helped immensely. The desire to have another child never went away though.

We finally turned to adoption and successfully adopted our son. We are so blessed. I was present for his birth and we were able to take him right away. As thankful as I am to have our two children, a day doesn't go by that I don't wish I could be pregnant again. It was such a special/magical thing and I miss it with all my heart.
26-30, F
May 25, 2012