Pain After Delivery

Fathers day 2012 i gave birth to my beautiful baby boy. after delivery of my child the doctor continued to remove my placenta, after tugging for a minute only half of my placenta had came out. This is when he realized that it was attached to my uterus. In th effort to remove the remainder of my lacenta i had a uteran prolapse. The pain that i had while the doctor was putting my uterus back in place made my labor seem like a cake walk! Later the doc had given me a print out that explained what had happened “placenta increta.“ i have been researching this condition since i had gotten home to find out that this is a condition that deserved more than a print out. Hopefully i can learn a fe things from this site on how to care for myself as i am recovering. at the moment i am kind of worried due to the fact that as I am cleaning out after labor i noticed tissue that is attached to me internally (there is feeling when i touch it) protruding from my vagina. I have calle the doctor an informed them of this and i was directed to just come to the clinic in the morning to discuss what is going on and to do kegal exercises through the night to strengthen my pelvic floor.
adrienneh1231 adrienneh1231
22-25, F
Jun 22, 2012