Near Death Expierence

In 1997, I was pregnant with my last child. Found out I was pregnant when I went to the hospital to have my blood work done for surgery the next week, to have my tubes tied, cut and burnt. You know how they check it a week prior. Well they came and said I couldnt have the surgery because I was pregnant. Shocker there!

After almost miscarrying and then being told my baby was dead, not even 24 hours before a dnc was to be done to remove him, they found a heart beat. WORST pregnany I ever had. He was my 4th. I was told I had later in the pregnancy, placenta increta, and placenta previa and also ended with placenta accreta. I almost died giving birth. I was given 16 transfusions, was placed on life support and my Mother was told, they were not sure I would pull through. They told her I was lucky my uterus didnt rupture as when they opened my abdomin, they could see him through it because the uterus was stretched to saran wrap clearness and thinness.

So many people the next day was coming to my room. People visting other patients were coming down to ICU to see the miracle ME. I lived. It was a long battle and my son was a premie but at birth was 5 lbs even. He came homw weighing 4lbs 10 3/4 oz. He is going to be 16 on March 6.

To save my life, they did a hystarectomy. THat was fine with me. I didnt want anymore kids and wouldnt have any after that deliver even if I could LOL! I have a picture of me after coming off life support. I am bruised with dark purple blue and black bruises from my neck to under my breast. It came from the IV in the juggler vein in my neck and blood being pumped in fast. I was told I would lose it as it was going in. My son and I are VERY lucky to have had the team of 18 Dr's and nurses that day!
TamaraBrighty TamaraBrighty
Oct 9, 2012