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Placenta Increta is when the placenta penetrates into the Uterus wall to some degree during pregnancy.

I had Placenta Increta with my second pregnancy. This is worse than Placenta Accreta as it can cause not only extreme danger to the life of the mother, but the life of the child she is carrying as well.  I almost lost my son when he was born due in part to this fact.

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I was diagnosed with placenta increta at 36wks pregnant. I was admitted to hospital and told my c section would be complicated a week later. I had surgery the night before to have balloons put into my pelvic arteries to try and control any blood loss ( these didn't work). <br />
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I was in theatre for 5 hours, needed 24 pints of blood, had hysterectomy and spent 2 days in ITU. My placenta had burrowed into my uterus, old scar tissue and interfered with bladder. My baby boy was born with a collapsed lung and problems with his bowel and transferred to a specialist hospital where I was transferred to later. <br />
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It was horrific at the time but 4 weeks later, we're home, healthy and doing well! We only actually spent 2 wks in hospital and now seems like a distant memory! <br />
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It was horri

I had the same thing but my experience was much different then any I've read here. I found out at about 35 weeks that my child was dead inside of me. They made me wait for weeks to see if my daughter would reject herself from me.She did not.Around 37 weeks I drove from Barrie to Etobicke as that was the same hospital my first two children were born at but unfortunately the doctor that had delivered them had given up delivering babies because of the high costs involving insurance involving deliveries. ( Now Deceased, may he Rest in Peace)So I had a new Dr. John ?, can't even remember his name, he means so little to me.I was admitted to the hospital and basically given a full term abortion (saline solution) x2. Apparently the first one didn't work?I was given no medication for pain since I had to deliver her myself as my daughter being dead was unable to help in the birth process. I could not be cut for fear of infection. The pain was unbearable.This was done in the same place as other mothers were having live babies,I'm sure my screams scared them half to death. All the nurse could tell me to do was be quiet,I was upsetting the other patients.One even told me to shut-up.No one listened to me. I ended up giving birth to my daughter in the bathroom of the Maternity Ward, Breach! I walked from the bathroom back to my bed holding her little bum with her head still inside me. Then I had to wait for the doctor to come and remove her head, he was off playing somewhere I guess. (I was told by a sister of a Mississauga Hospital doctor that he had something to do with doing coke in the stairwell?) I kept trying to tell them that she was alive as my body had a heartbeat of its own. When the doctor finally came and removed the rest of her from me, I started bleeding and they were using a vacuum to suck up my blood. My placenta did not come out so Dr,J. ? basically turned me into a human Popsicle stick trying to remove my placenta which was coming out in shreds, still nothing for pain. I guess with all the blood loss, as the vacuum came out again I was on my way out. To top it off, the last thing I remember was the so called nurse pressing on my finger tips and then giving me **** for wearing nail-polish as she had to remove it before being rushed into surgery to remove my placenta. When I came out I was placed on the same floor as all the other mothers with living screaming healthy babies,although they did give me a private room at the end of the hall. No one came in to check on me or talk to me, not even Dr.John ? ( I wasn't surprised) As my daughter lay in the hospital Morgue I was only left to make her funeral arrangements, by myself from the hospital and then they wanted me out. ( I had never even been to a Funeral before) I wasn't leaving without my daughter and I didn't. I was told that I should never have another child as the same thing may happen? But, somehow they felt proud that I did not have to have a hysterectomy? Like they had done a great job?<br />
Three years later and after my husband had had a vasectomy I became pregnant again. When they tested me for I can't remember what they said something was wrong with the baby and I needed further tests to confirm. Basically tests to say whether I should abort or not. I refused the tests and felt that if God was going to take another child it was not going to me at my hands, or theirs. I was sent to a high-risk pregnancy doctor and closely monitored in the last month.<br />
When I went into labour after driving to Orillia, since they had received the funds for neo-natal<br />
care and Barrie for the Emerg. Dept. They tried to send me home, telling me it was false labour? This was at 10 PM, I refused to go. I hid out in the shower with the water on by lower back and breathing to deal with the pain while the nurses kept asking me if I was okay. I stayed in there long enough that by the time I came out and they checked me again before sending me home realized I was dilated and in labour. Still no specialist was called.I gave birth to my son at 2:11 AM<br />
four hours after checking in, again natural as it was too late to give me an epidural but considering my last birth was a breeze. Again, they could not remove the placenta, the same thing had happened. I had to tell them what was happening as they had no idea and the specialist, nowhere to be found. So then I had to wait for them to call the anesthesiologist on call and then wait until he arrived.My son was fine, that's all I cared about. So sometime in the middle of the night I again had surgery to remove the placenta,had my sons picture taken, paid for his circumcision and checked myself out before lunch. I never returned to the specialist, I don't give my son needles etc...we do not like doctors/nurses/hospitals/institutions etc. My son is 16 + now and healthy. Still they saved my Uterus and all. I have had an IUD, same one since my son was born. They say it can cause infertility. I think they're finally right about something. So far, so good...as long as I never have to deal with them again, I'm okay. My story will probably scare the hell out of you but just remember to listen to your own body, Mother nature knows best and these people are just people doing a job, some better than others but they are not God(s) I'm sure there's so many stories like this out there. Dr John ? sickens me to this day. Instead of being called Etobicoke General they gave it a new name William Osler or something like that? <br />
I still call it Hells Hospital and Dr. john ? - His Royal Disciple.

im 29 weeks with placenta increta, with my bladder being attatched to the placenta. im so so scared. i keep crying, as a mum of 3 im terrified of leaving them for the 4 week stay in hospital as im scard i may not be leaving. i had a bad reaction to anestetic, and to clotting agents in 2 seperate occasions so dont know how my body will cope with both together. im terrified not just for myself but my unborn baby. i cant think straight, all i can think about is whats going to happen to us. <br />
the hospital said the will perform the c section at 36 weeks, do a hysterectomy and remove part of myy bladder. <br />
i have to go for an mri soon, and think they r going to admit me at 32 weeks.<br />
i just want to hide under my duvet and forget about it all pretend it is not happening.

I had a placenta increta with the birth of my husband's and my surprise 6th child in our late forties. Fortunately, the attending medical personnel were very prepared. I was admitted at about 34 weeks, and where a multi-disciplinary approach prepared not just myself, but my entire family for the reality of this very frightening complication, inclusive of the risks to my baby's and my life. Of course, the laws of our day require full disclosure of this type of information, as well as to prepare people for the worst, if even emotionally. The first operation to deliver my son I believe lasted for over about 4/5 hours where I delivered a healthy son. As planned for numerous med reasons for this type of procedure, I was moved into the intensive care unit and was meant to be kept in an induced sleep for at least for 24 hours, although I awoke earlier. As night wore on, I complained to intensive care nurse of bad pain in my abdomen which at first was thought as wind from op. I begun to also grow very thirsty, though was only allowed to suck on moist swabs, not allowed drinks of water. As new day came, suddenly the unit was full of ICU doctors concerned over my lowering hemoglobin despite blood support. My stomach hardened; very tight; pain horrific despite pain relief given. Rushed back into theater where problem of blood loss (four litres by that stage) on top of what was lost in first one, had been found to have seeped through a stitch from first op. into my stomach. On both occasions, when mask was applied to my mouth, thought this could be the end. It was a very very worrying month for my entire family. Miraculously, I delivered a perfectly healthy baby boy; I lived; and our family are so much more appreciative of life. Even though we had him in a very major and experienced maternity hospital: and in modern times, placenta increta still remains a highly risky procedure. I couldn't thank the many staff involved enough. In my case, staff knew well in advance of my condition, and were able to plan very well. I think this also contributed to the very good outcome.

I had placenta increta that was not known until my C-section. I lost over half my blood and had to have 4 units and needed a hysterectomy. I was lucky I didn't lose my bladder cause it will sometimes attach itself to the closest organ. My daughter had some problems as well. She lost a lot of volume and was pale and her blood oxygen level kept dropping. They didn't see it on an ultrasound I had at 38 weeks because the placenta grew through the back of my uterus instead of the front. My C-section was supposed to take 30 minutes but because of this they didn't finish with me until about 3 hours later.

I, too, was diagnosed with placenta increta. I had an emergent D & C seven weeks postpartum and praise God for an OB who didn't automatically perform a hysterectomy. He spent 90 minutes in the OR, patiently removing tissue and clots while staunching the (seemingly) unending bleed. <br />
<br />
That was just over two years ago, and we are now expecting another baby, due in late January. I do wonder about the probability of another increta--or worse.