Placenta Increca 2008

To all the mummy's and mummy's to be with this condition. 

My son was born in January 2009 after being 2 weeks overdue.  I had a great pregnancy until the last month where i suffered from sore ribs and sickness.  As i was booked in to be induced due to Sammy being 2 weeks overdue i was quite pleased for the contractions to start.  When my waters broke and contractions stopped i went in to be induced. 

The first i knew something was wring was when my placenta didn't come out and the midwife broke my cord trying to pull it out.  After 4 hours i was taken to surgery to get the placenta removed.  After 2 hours of surgeons tugging and feeling like they were trying to rip out my insides they gave  up and it wasn't long before placenta increta was diagnosed. 

The treatment  which was recommended in the end was to deal with it conservatively.  By leaving the placenta to disintegrate over time.  This took 7 months and after 2 courses of  antibiotics, no sex no baths and no swimming, the constant bleeding stopped and my periods were back to a cycle.

I never regretted this protracted treatment as i am now intact and hopefully able to have another child. Reading on the limited information i am likely to have this again.  Alot of my friends ask am i willing to go through this again.  I have an absolutely gorgeous son who was only affected by not being able to exclusively breastfeed but to mix with formula as this affects breast feeding due to the body thinking your still pregnant.

I know that i am lucky that the doctors trying to rip out my placenta didn't do the damage that they could have done and i could worst case now be dead or have to have a hysterectomy. 

My advice to any mum mys with this condition to read  up on as much as you can and to deal with it day by day, when your concentrating on a new born you seem so forget how poorly you are so just give yourselves a break. 

I am now getting jumped upon by my 18 month old and am going to take him swimming, life is totally back to normal, i just hope that my chances of pregnancy again are fine.

To those that have had far worse experience than me, my heart goes out to you and to those that are worried about what could happen as i said my life as a mummy is totally normal and most importantly Sammy has always been a very very healthy boy. x

sammysmum from the uk


sammysmum sammysmum
Jul 9, 2009