I Had Plastic Surgury

Since age ten I was taunted and tormented in school. I was bullied for how I look, dress, act, sing, told i was not smart enough etc. I was torn apart made to feel like dirt. I used to beg my mom for plastic surgury. I started wanting it at age 12. More then any thing I wanted Rhinoplasty, for my big bolbous nose with a bump on the Bridge.. My mom had one on herself I wanted to follow in her foot steps.  For years my parents refused. Untill I tried to kill myself at age 18, and the gave in. I had been housebound for years, medicines, therypy groups, psycholigist and phschiatrist hardly helped. Now I have a new nose ;D

Msmegz1990 Msmegz1990
1 Response Jul 29, 2010

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