I was blissed out with my first child, so I was caught completely off-guard when I became severely depressed after my second. When it got to the point where I was starting to think that leaving it all behind and just taking off somewhere alone sounded like a good idea, I called the midwife and told her that things were not good. A bit of Zoloft later, things evened out after a bit. Life certainly became easier to handle. Oh, and I didn't run off. Yet. :)
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I'm a student nurse doing research on PPD...may i know...what can urse do to help women with PPD????can a few of women who had experiences it tell me.....what can nurse do to help all of you???

i know just what you mean.. the more kids i had the worse it got... i wish my hubby would have been more supportive. Men don't know how to handle things like that at all, and what makes it worse is they have the power to make you feel so much better... there should be some kind of class for them on how to support there women in Post Partum