The Years of Living Hell

When my mom and dad divorced, my mom soon began to look for new boyfriends. She could only find abusive men. One of my stepdads beat my mom and that led to my mom being a pill-addict, and she doesnt remember a thing from those years because of her pills. Ive heard, but never seen my mom get abused, but I think its just as worse. Today, I have a stepdad which tried to strangle my mom a couple of months ago. I had too call the police, and luckily I stayed calm on the phone. My mom is okay, but she still lives with my stepdad. I dont really think his a jurk, I just hate the fact that its only me in my family that understands what happened that night. Most of the family thinks his great, but I know better. I were witness to my stepdad trying to kill my mom. I had 2 weeks of depression in January and I just lay in bed and slept for 2 weeks. It has effected me violently, and Im not who I wish I could be. Im angry, Im sick alot and I smoke.

I might have a "lucky story", I know theres many people out there suffering under worse conditions, but it still hurts.

-Teen Girl

Ninasaurusrex Ninasaurusrex
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2 Responses Apr 23, 2007

Your mother has chosen to stay and forgive him, you may not like her choice but you love her! Correct? Try to take some time off from anger and enjoy your mother. I understand that you feel the need to protect her now but thats not your job, its her responsibility to protect you. Just hug and kiss her and tell her you love her every day. Dont give her a hard time either, shes going through enough on her own.

It does hurt, my step-father never hit me personally but he did beat my mom and it hurt beyond measure. You are not alone, this is not your fault, and it will be ok. Contact me if you need anything love.