I Got Out Of It And Am 1000 Percent Better

I have been depressed before but this little bugger of an illness took the cake. I had the depression, the crushing anxiety and a year later had the OCD component as well! So I ran the gammet.
For those of you familiar to the It Gets Better Project; a site aimed at gay, lesbian and transgendered youth, there are thousands of stories, blogs and video uploads reaching out to young people promising that life will get more manageable and that people will be more accepting as your social circles open and new life opportunities are offered.... Well, a similar system should exist for moms struggling within themselves from this illness. It DOES get better. In SO many ways. It doesn't just happen in one day, in one week or even one month. This kind of life change takes a while and it takes the real desire and commitment to get better.

Meditating, going OFF the google search grid, FORCING human contact, getting dressed every day, intense therapy, crying, accepting help, accepting bad feelings, anti depressants, going out with my girlfriends even if I dreaded it, exercising, sleep studies, sewing classes, spending time with my daughter and taking video and pictures regardless of how I felt at the time ( I'm glad I did now) cooking, walking alone, making a fire in my backyard and watching it for what seemed like forever, reading.... I mean really I am more whole from doing all of these things.
Most of the time things don't pass on their own. Usually there is a deficiency somewhere in your life that you may not even know is there. A program running in the background of your mind that is causing backups when it comes to raising and enjoying your kids. This is why I highly suggest therapy. I spent all of my grad school savings on therapy and I don't regret it, for now I'm strong for my kids and my husband and life is so much richer.
Please don't sit and wait it out. Find the meat of your depression, anxiety attacks, OCD. You'll be surprised about what you find. I'm still surprising myself! It's a lot of mental work and you'll have good days/weeks/months and you'll have downright wretched days/weeks/months. But the trend is always upwards even if there are peaks and valleys along the way as long as you keep reaching.
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Jan 15, 2013