Post Partum And Anxiety

wow, glad I found a group for this. Anyone get bad anxiety constantly nagging you saying what if you hurt your baby? it scares the hell out of me and has caused many panic attacks for me. This has been going on since may of 2012. I just want it to stop. I want to be happy again and I just feel so crazy.
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I suffer from the same thing . It scares the hell out of me . It started when I was 17 pregnant with my son . I had nightmares, and thoughts I could not stop . I didn't get any help or medication . I dealt with it . And over these 4 years, it has not gone away . It was manageable for about a year . But now I get severe panic attacks from it . I wonder how I could still be going through the same thing I did 5 years ago . Its always the thinking back to when it was happening that puts me in full blown panic attack mode . And also when I try to explaine it to anyone, and they say they understand . That makes me panic because they really have no idea . Next week I start seeing a psychiatrist for this . Finally after 5 years of suffering . It scares me to have to tell someone about this, but at the same time it's a secret that I have no intentions on keeping . It has put me through a lot these last few years and I really haven't been myself at all . Im finally ready for this to be over . Just remember,

You are not alone . Hang in there hun .

I am finally back on the right track. I still have anxiety but I realized I had to get off the anti depressants because I was not depressed any
More n being on them makes me worse. I still take anxiety medicine and a therapist does help, slowly but surely we will get our lives back :0)

I had severe anxiety constantly with intrusive thoughts as well with constant anxiety attacks. I had many other symptoms as well. I overcame it and you will too. You have had it a long time, I did too. My son is now 13 years old and my PPD/Anxiety is but a mere memory.

All of your symptoms from the mild, to the most severe are temporary and treatable with skilled professional help. (I held on to a piece of paper that read this and read it constantly when I was ill, it helped me so much and its true.)

I wasn't able to get help because I had no insurance, no vehicle, no phone, no job, no support. I got well on my own and through God. What I did was get out and walk every day. I did deep breathing exercises constantly (breath in for 8 seconds, hold it for 8 seconds, and let it out for 7 seconds; make sure you bring the breath down to your stomach.) Lots of Praying. (if possible, because sometimes I was too paranoid to think religion) Positive self talk for instance, if I was angry at someone's behavior I would tell myself reasons to justify their behavior instead of dwelling on anger (feel sorry for them, so to speak, it helps). Get plenty of sleep, your body recovers while you sleep. Eat healthy, sugar makes anxiety worse so does caffeine and diet drinks, drink plenty of water. Eat tons of veggies. Develop a positive attitude, this takes time.

You will gradually recover. You will have good days and bad days. Eventually you will have several good days followed by a so/so day that may have had a few bad hours. You are not crazy. You do not have a terrible disease. (Questions I would ask myself constantly) Your menses may bring on the symptoms. Gradually your symptoms will seem to become PMS and you will have them only around that time, until you stop having them altogether.

If you can get to a doctor for medication then do. Medication is not absolutely necessary but it does speed up your recovery.