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she has a 5 month old girl nursing experince and wants to get a divorce from  the man that I think she loves very much and says its because he cant keep his hands off of her I know them both very well and dont want to see them split she wont talk to me about it and says she doesnt have postpartum I want to learn more about it from women that have had the same thoughts so maybe I can talk to her

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Having that first child together is the hardest thing a couple ever goes through- so they are definitely not alone in feeling this way! The experts say you shouldn't make any life changing decisions in that first year of baby's life because everything is so new and you're still trying to adjust to life. Things DO get easier, especially once baby is more independent and stuff.<br />
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The hard thing is, being the parent of one of the couple, there is only so much you can do and say without looking like you are interfering. It depends on your relationship that you have with your stepdaughter- the closer you are, the more likely she is to listen to you and take your advice, but giving it when it is not asked for can have the opposite effect as she can feel like you are butting in. <br />
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Sit down with her and tell her you are really worried. Tell her she is not alone in feeling this way and that 99% of couples in first year of babies life do feel this way even if they don't share it with others. It's worth hanging in there even for a little bit, even if maybe she thinks "Ok i'll hang in there for just a few more months then have another think about it then". Counseling could be an option too if they are open to it- cuz it's not just about them now, it's about their wee daughter too and the happier the parents are, the happier she will be <br />
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Goodluck!<br />
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Oh and if you want to know more about post-partum depression there is quite a lot on the net. They have this test called the 'Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Questionnaire' which screen for depression- have a google on it.

I need help to keep them together as the shoulld be he is a good dad and husband