3rd Baby

My first two went great. Super easy short labors. Too quick for pain medication even. First,with my third preg I got a call that there was a chance he had Down's. The risk from the amnio was bigger than the risk that he had Down's. So--we did not find out. Going the whole pregnacy without knowing if your baby had downs was bad enough. Then I almost had him at 20 weeks. Spent 6 days in the hospital. Got an operation to stitch up my cervix. Spent the rest of the pregnacy on modified bed rest. (bed rest but you can go to store or out some). Had to get an ultrasound 2 times a week for the rest of the pregnacy. Finally, it was time to have the baby. I got induced. Nothing progresses at all until they broke my water. I had him in 20 minutes after that. I got an epidural put in while I was like 9 cm dialated. Then I had a reaction to the epidural and passed out. They gave me epinephrine. Then I had the baby. The epidural started working about 10 minutes AFTER I had him. Now I have a healthy 23 month old. No Downs. Everthing turned out fine but it was not a good pregnacy. Wow I don't know if I'll have a forth.
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That boy doesn't know how hard his mom had it to bring him into this world, does he? I'm sure he will be reminded :).

Obviously, trying to find a home for kids who are byproduct of irresponsibility. I was only refering to myself and if I had more babies(which most likely I won't). I am mature, hardworking, educated, and a damn good mom. (Even if now I am single.). I spend hours every night helping my kids with homework. I keep them clean, fed, happy, educated and all of this while I work and go to school so I can have an advances degree. I just don't sleep.

@ stoveoverpop I agree.. some people have kids, simply to be more of a "Super mom"..and one-up the next mom in the "why does my child love my nanny more than she loves me" Group.. Hello? You never even see your kid lol it's not rocket science lol.. they don't even all work cuz they need money to pay bills, but simply because they want more money to buy more stuff.. which is the saddest thing to me..<br />
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but some genuinely want them and love them.. it's difficult to give each individual kid the one on one quality time that they need when you have more than one or two.. I don't understand families like the Duggars.. They seem happy, but it seems a little ridiculous to me to have 18 children.. some thing's gotta give.. we see the shows after they've been cut and edited.. so I'm absolutely Certain with that many kids.. in more than one way, something already has "given"...<br />
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@Cmev.. I'm sorry about your marriage.. that must have been awful..espeically for your children.. I agree with you about population controll being more of a problem in other countries.. the only problem we really have in this country is teenagers having sex and then either killing their baby, or forcing them to grow up with one absent parent, or both.. irresponsible teenagers who refuse to take responsibility for their actions, taking the easy way out.. that's why so many kids are in foster homes..waiting to be wanted.. I ask you though, which is worse.. having "not enough" kids to maintain the population, or trying to find home for the kids who are a byproduct of irresponsibility and immaturity.. and knowing they'll live forever with abandonment issues, among other things?

Congrats on having a healthy baby.

I am no longer with my husband, So, I will not be having a forth. I think all the T.V. shows about people with large families are stupid and ridiculous. I love my kids more than anything and don't regret for one second having them. I have quite a life and am very busy. I have no plans for another child but if I did I really isn't any of your business. Most of the population growth is in third world countries. Actually, in America not enough children are being born to help support the aging population. Too many babies were born in the baby Boomer years, not currently. The average number of children born to each woman goes down as the years pass.

Excuse me, but why on earth would you even want a fourth? Why would any one want so many kids? Why not appreciate the ones you have? We have a population explosion going on, you know. Care about the environment, care about your body, and care about the family you have. Don't you have any other life besides making babies? Or do you want to be like those disgusting Dugger people, who have 19 freaking kids, or some such b..crap!

Two boys one girl.

me too, I had depression with my first now and having second one and am very scared of same happening. Your story makes me so sad in comparison, how did you manage?<br />
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How many kids do you have, I wouldn't have a fourth they get harder I think, but I am only having second so not sure maybe your right.<br />
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Boys or girls do you have?

everyone says women have a lower pain threshold than women, they should try doing that!!!! No one would say that again! Congrats on the child tho!!!!! lol!!!!!

Sorry for the hard pregnancy but happy that it all turned out ok for you guys.......Cogratulations!!!!

wow thank you for sharing and i'm so glad that you have a healthy child.......

wow, im glad you & your baby turned out great! my mom had me at 41 back in 1988 & the doctors told her that i was most likely a Downs baby. they were wrong. & she was worried that she would lose me because she had miscarried 3 before me. she was wrong too. :D<br />
funny how things work out, isnt it?

Congrats :) I'm so glad everything worked out!

Thank goodness that everything worked out for both of <br />
you. That was a long experience! Enjoy your son!

thank goodness! i have a child with a disability and its not a happy thing to live through. so glad all of y'all are healthy!

Yes, my son is so smart and I am so thankful. We were going to keep him even if he had Downs and then if he were a Downs baby born when he was 15 oz (his weight when I almost had him) you could only imagine how messed up he would be. I am so lucky he is perfect to me.

Men are wimps. <br />
<br />
No way in the world can we endure the same pain.