Im Not Pregnant But I Was And Will Be A High Risk Pregnancy

I have renal sclerosis and nephrotic syndrome and was told i would be a high risk pregnancy. i recently had two miscarrages and it was a major factor, I am so scared for the future!! will it always be like this?
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Im now pregnant and hoping for the best!!

I have a great nephrologist and I will be going to medical school to become one yeah he said it is due to the high blood pressure the nephrotic syndrom gives me and i think because of it and my depo shot and maybe my body being so small and also the strein i put on myself not knowing i was pregnant or even thinking i was till about 3 1/2 months

I have Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) its usually a cause of nephrotic syndrome ...<br />
and yes I to am considered a high risk pregnancy and my obgyn specializes in high risk pregnancies. not comparing but she told me most early miscarriages are from a chromosome defect....she didnt feel that my fsgs was a factor at all and feels as long as I take care of myself I shouldnt have any issues at all ...hope that helps you

I have a good friend that I met threw the kidney foundation and she's on the transplant list.she just had twins 2 years ago and during her pregnancy she had better kidney function due to the extra blood flow threw the kidneys....keep in mind we are both over 35 and here in canada are considered high risk just due to our age...find a good dr and when the time is right you'll have your babies...mine has been very encouraging and on my last visit told me if Im not pregnant by feb that she will put me on fertility pills...she also told me one of the biggest risks with pregnancy and kidney patients is blood pressure but that the extra blood flow is actually good for them

Many women with significant health issues have persevered and had children. Be brave and be informed. An excellent book on the subject of managing high risk pregnancies was written by a Dr Semchshyn. I personally found it very empowering, especiallly when other doctors said there was nothing they could do.