Couldn't See Him For Almost 3 And A Half Hours!

i didn't necessarily have pregnancy complications but i had a lot of labor complications. when i was pregnant, ever dr appointment my doctor told me i was gaining too much weight, but i couldn't help it. i never ate a lot to gain the i had no clue why i was gaining a lot of weight. when i was eight months and he checked and said my baby was going to be a big baby and he was at eight pounds then and we still had another month to go!! i ended up going on week over due, i was due 10-10-10 but had my son 10-15-10 on the fourteenth i went in and he told me he would induce me that night so we went home and went back later and when they got me on the monitors they told me i was already having contractions....but i wasn't feeling them. so they gave me medicine then later that night i really started feeling them...i ended up getting the epidural even though it wasn't in my birthing plan. and i fell asleep after i got it. then at 12:30 they checked me and said i was ready to push. 12:35 i actually started pushing. I was very hot as soon as she told me i was ready. i pushed and pushed and progress was being made. while hearing my aunt scream push push push repeatedly i was about to freak out. the nurse had a great idea, she grabbed a towel, as we played a little tug awar i was to push. which this helped a lot. I kept blacking out and almost let go of the towel. haha. i don't remember much from when he was actually born. i know he laid him on my stomach and he wasn't crying. after that i went black. they rushed Corbyn to the nicu which they actually had set up in my room. while my dr worked to get me stable again. i couldn't breathe at all! they put the breathing mask on me and i saw the drs crowded around me. i heard my mom say im going to go get clayton's mom. i had no clue she was even at the hospital. i guess the nurse came in and asked if my bf's sis in law and mom could come in and i told them no. i don't remember that. but my son was breathing and i was breathing so we were both okay. he was born at 4:07 pm and i didn't hold him until 7pm. my first time seeing him was a picture. he was in the same room but not were i could see him. my sister took a pic on her phone and showed me...that was my first time seeing my son. My dr told me that if i didn't get the epidural i would not have made it and my baby may have but probably not. they thought about keeping him another night but decided we were both okay to go home. so we went home and he was having a hard time breathing. for six months this was going on and each dr said it was nothing. my son would just quit breathing sometimes he was a hard breather also. it scared the crap out of me! but they were right, my son is now 17 months old and the happiest and healthiest baby ever.:) blonde hair and brown eyes amazing laugh and beautiful smile. im so glad we are both okay.

babymama16 babymama16
22-25, F
Mar 2, 2012