My Personal Miracle

On 2007, after several fertility treatments, I managed to get pregnant at last. We were absolutely fascinated by the good news: We were expecting twins!
At 6 weeks we could hear both hearts thumping. Everything seemed ok, but later that afternoon I began bleeding. I had to stay in bed most time since then. Just standing on my feet made me start bleeding again.
I was ok at home, though I was very restless and alone. Just my dogs to give me company through the day.
My husband was pretty worried but he had to keep working. Then, one day I started to feel horrible pains. I thought it was my stomach. I had another bleeding. He took me to the hospital. It turned out that babies were pressing my cervix, which was incapable of holding them anymore. They had to sew it up in order to save them, but I started pre term contractions. At 17 weeks, this meant nothing but the miscarriage of both babies.
My OB decided to make an amnio. It was extremely painful. Then as it went ok, they started an IV medication to stop contractions. It worked but had second effects, though. I tried my best to resist, but I passed out on my bed and my husband was scared to death. They tried other kinds of medications. Nothing seemed to work. I was terrified. I just yelled at everybody to do something. Anything.
They decided to wait if I could keep the babies a few more hours. I insisted on having back the anti contractions meds. They gave me a lower dose, which I tolerated fairly enough. Finally, 5 hours later, pre labour stopped. I could get the surgery!! They stitched the cervix and I had to stay at the hospital the rest of the pregnancy, since only IV medication worked. The minute they stopped it, contractions came back.
On the firsts days my husband was worried about my distress at being unable to get up at all. I needed go pee and just had to make it with a nurse at my side of the bed. I tried to stay calm but he sees through me. He dismissed the nurses and took care of aiding me himself. He was sweet. But he had to go back to work, so I just overcame my embarrassment.
I was happy most of the time. Nurses were awesome. I was very grateful and made good friends. My husband took all his stuff and moved into my hospital room with me. He still needed to go work, but I had medical care 24/7.
They gave me shots for the babies´ lungs, IV iron and of course anti anxiety meds. I was Ok, but my veins couldn´t take anymore. Nurses were at a loss. We even tried a central catheter which granted us an additional week. But finally there was nothing else to be done, stitches couldn’t resist any longer. My babies were born at 32 weeks pregnant. They were fine, just a bit tiny and thin, but healthy enough.
They are my personal miracle. And since then I know I am stronger.
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What a powerful story! I almost starting crying when I read "seventeen weeks", then I remembered the title was "My Personal Miracle" and rushed to the end of it. My daughter-in-law's last (or anyway latest) pregnancy was frought with worry. But her ob/gyn said 32 weeks and there is a 90 percent chance everything would be fine. She made it longer than that and basically everything was fine.

I'm very happy for you... I wish you all the best

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That was an incredible experience you had! You showed more courage and stubbornness to save your children than anyone I have known, and I salute you for sticking it out as long as you did. Miracle babies indeed! I hope you will update us on your twins progress, as they grow.
Take care!

Thank you for sharing your story with us and thank The Lord your babies and you survived the ordeal.

As a father of 5 adult married children with 11 grandchildren I was hoping almost beyond hope as I read your story that you would not lose your babies and nothing would happen to you!

It is truly a miracle that it all ended in a very positive way!

God bless you and yours! You deserve Mommy of the year! Your sacrifice will be rewarded for the rest of your life!

And now it's a year later. How is everything going?

What a fabulous, positive story

Thanks!! ;)

Great that everything turned out well...Life is a miracle itself

i know ur an angel , thats why god gave u twins ... now send me to canada . you are magic , u are .

I hope that thy are healthy to day and know how much you did for them befor thy wher even hear. I think that you still do moor than thy will ever know for them too

add me please thank you

I am so glad things worked out in the end and that everyone was happy and healthy too. Those are the best stories, those with happy endings :)

That's an awesome story. Reread now that you're feeling down. That should cheer you right up!

That's a sound advice!! Thank you so much for posting this!! :-)

What a lovely story, worth every struggle :o)

The best part in such stories is: if everybody is healthy and fine at the end!