Im only 20 but have wanted a baby forever. im settled with my boyfriend of 5 years and we have a morgage together.  we talked and decided to have a baby. we tried and tried and no luck. pregnancy test after test, and notting. after 10 months i was getting myself really upset so we decided we were going to do other things and just calm it for a while.

Two months later i missed my period as i had done before and had no luck. the next month came but again my period didnt. i decided to do a test. it came up positive, i was finally pregnant. i couldnt believe it. i told my partner, we were both in shock. he told me to go get a digital test so we could see it in writing, and that to was positive. overjoyed.

we were so excited. and did every thing my the book. my sweet little baby. eg no nuts, mayo ect and no more smokey pub. everyone laughed but this was my baby ive been trying so long for and im looking after it.

yesterday i went for my first scan, was so excited.  I was told that i have a one in 23 chance of my baby having downs syndrome. or some other problems. ive got tests after tests coming witch could cause me to loose my babay anyway im so scared and dont know what to do.

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Even if the baby has Down Syndrome, it doesn't change anything. I was blessed with knowing so many special needs children during my childhood and it hurt a lot when one of my friends passed away from complications of CP, I used to spend a few minutes talking to him each day and seeing the smile on his face was worth a million bucks, I wish I could see that smile just one more time! That child will have such a great attitude about the hardships of life that no one will be able to resist. Don't stress about it. Wait and see what happens, Don't panic just think about the positive side of things. Good luck!

I am sorry you are having to go through this. Know you are not alone. I am about 8 weeks pregnant, and go in for my first prenatal in just over a week. I am nervous and excited, I have issues that make me likely to have a high risk pregnancy, All I can say is that staying calm and relax is the best thing for little one, and you. (Not stressing is the way you got pregnant...). Just remember if something happens and things don't work out this time, at least you know you can get pregnant now. :) <br />
I wish you guys the best!

I'm really sorry to hear that you're going through so many stresses. I can appreciate this as I has complications with my 1st pregnancy and for me it was worse as I felt so out of control as I had to rely on the professionals.<br />
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I work with people with Down's symdome and the association says a life is a life valued! I know this is easy to say, but I suppose you have to decide whether or not a positive result for Down's would make a difference. If not then don't take the unnecessary risk of miscarriage. Just for info, you may want to check this out but I'm sure they can also see signs of Down's on a scan (I think it's something like extra fluid at the back of the neck).<br />
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I hope things work out for you, all the best x

I'm sorry also. For sure, it's best to try to reduce stress. Stress can complicate your pregnancy more so. Maybe look into yoga, swimming, massage, acupuncture (done by someone who knows what they're doing). Anything to reduce your anxiety. <br />
<br />
I wish you love and the best of luck.

I am sorry you have to go through this. It will be hard because even though it isn't born yet, you get so attached. I hope and pray things work out alright. Right now all you can do is take time an relax. At the give you tips on relieving stress. I hope this helps.