First Pregnancy & I Developed Eclampsia

I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia at 35 weeks pregnant. I was put on bedrest that same day. It was moderate pre-eclampsia but 5 days later things took a turn downhill. I had a headache tht lasted from about 4 in the morning & I still had it when I called the doctor at 8. (He told me to call if I developed a headache that didn't go away with any medicines) The nurse called me back & told me to head to the birthing center. I was scared & began crying because I had gone into the birthing center for other problems at 32 weeks. Thankfully my brother didn't go to school that morning & I asked him to drive me to the hospital. Almost to the hospital I lost my vision & I began my first seizure. I honestly do not remember anything else then from when I lost my vision. I remember little parts of that entire day & I was surprised to wake up to IVs & in the hospital bed. He was inducing me that day. I was supposed to be induce March 8, but the pre-eclampsia got worse & I developed eclampsia before that date. My family told me everything that happened that day since I don't remember. I had 3 seizures, it took 12 of the workers in the emergency room to hold me down & calm me & I bit my tongue pretty bad :/ I couldn't taste things for almost 2 weeks! My son was only 3 weeks & 2 days early. In the hospital he was called a late pre-term baby since he was 2 days from being full term. Today he is a healthy baby boy. :) He will be 2 months on April 28 & I'm glad things didn't get worse. I really wanted another baby sometime later on, but from my first pregnancy experience I think it would be best to keep it at one child. For all I know things can get worse the 2nd time around. I am perfectly happy that I at least get to experience motherhood & I love my little family. <3
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I suffered a stillbirth due to the fact that my baby was not delivered when i had eclampsia. I went on to have 4 more children all but one of those pregnancies were complicated due to high blood pressure all 4 were delivered early by c-section the earliest being at 32 weeks due to the fact i once again developed pre-eclampsia and the baby was showing signs of distress.

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