My First Baby ( Baby Girl )

I am so blessed that she is here, God has givin me something that I am very greatful to have. I was sick the hole time I was pregnate. My daughter Evelyn was due on Feb 17,1999 But I did not have her untill  Feb 19,1999, Because the hospitle said that I was fine, I have been in so much pain for about two months, And sick as a dog. They kept saying other then my blood presher being up that everything was ok. Well it wasent. On the 19, I was rushed in at 8:03 am, and was in the labor room untill 8:30 pm that night when my heart felled and so did my daughters, They did a emergncy C Section and after they took her out my heart rate came back, She had a bowl movment and it was in my blood stream, And I also have Pre Clamsia. I was told that I should never have any more, But a year and a half later I had my son Robert c-section also but no problems thank god! I am blessed to still be alive also. The doctors had ran out and told my family that they were sorry and everything as if I had past and that they could not do nothing. But  my angel was there that day.
SweetP78 SweetP78
26-30, F
Apr 8, 2007