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Lost of An Angel

well i was 3 months pregnant when i first had the first part of the complications happen to me. i was having placental bleeding and that was the form of the first. then after words i had a complete miscarriage because i had an incompatent cervix. it was the worse experience of my life and sometimes i dont know how to take care of it, and get over things i dont know when ill be able to stand on my own to feet again and this happened in December of 2007

cjsmama12907 cjsmama12907 16-17, F 2 Responses May 23, 2008

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omg. see idk how i would deal with that. it is said that when a women or couple lose a child like that their life is never the same, they never forget and it destroys them for a while :( how can it not destroy them. personally i would be severely depressed. i think she will accomplish what she wants. but it always takes time. only when one is ready.

i am so sorry to hear about your complications. I hope that oneday u can acomplish the things u are trying to do. good luck. all wemonare stronger then they think.