I Am A Mother To A Baby Angel

i was about 18 weeks when things started going wrong , i had some blood results come back with high risk of baby abnormality so i was adviced to have a amnio the results came back clear i was told my baby was perfectly healthy but form the point of the amnio things only got worse my fluid levels stayed low which is concerning but they told me not to worrie i went back and forth to hospital for more scans and further test but every time i was told babies heart is strong but fluid seems to be getting lower again i was told not to worrie and was told just to come back on my 25 week growth scan , on the day of my scan i had a feeling something was seriously wrong and i was right my baby had died they couldnt find a heartbeat, it was only on this day that i was told the blood supply to the baby had been bad for weeks, i went on to give birth to a beautiful baby girl but to my shock she was very small i wasnt told that her growth had stopped and that my little girl wasnt as big as she was ment to be for six months , she was ment to weigh around 2 pounds and be at least the length of a 30 cm ruler she only weighed 11 oz and was only 13 cm long,she was fully developed had 10 fingers 10 toes hair on her head , eyelashes and fingernails she had just stopped growing. i am very angry at the hopital for not telling me that my little girls blood supply was bad and that she had stopped growing i also only just found out that they new that my baby wasnt going to surive due to how small she was , i dont understnad why i wasnt told any thing and am very angry that i was lead to belivie my baby was fine, i am destroyed and i miss my baby girl every day this only happend three weeks ago :( x
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I share your pain. I lost my baby at 16 weeks. You have the right to be angry and even furious. Please know that there are people out here that feel your pain and you have a right to grieve. I lost my baby in April and till this day I feel as if it was yesterday and the pain never seizes to go away. I am sending lots of love your way!

i am sorry for your loss i had to experienced this also please read my story ...the drs were telling me everything was ok and to go back the following week for another scan only when i went for the scan there was no heartbeat i lost him at 20weeks they say they didnt know but i think they did as for some strange reason they were giving us free scan pictures when we normaly have to pay its so wrong if you need to talk msg me x