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We had been unsuccesful at getting pregnant for a long time and so we decided to go to fertility. They did all the diagnostic tests and dertermined I had PCOS with insulin resistance. It was decided that I would try clomid, but then I concieved - twins! Pre pregnancy: At the test where they check your fallopian tubes, the doctor noticed that my cervix was out of possition and told me that If I did concieve I would have to be monitored regularly and possibly be sewn shut as to not miscarry. So with a mutliple pregancy I had alot of worry. Iwas also at higher risk for gestational diabetes because of the insullin resistance. I never did develope an incompetent cervix or getational diabetes. It was however a very streesful nine months. Shortly after concieving my husband was having problems that looked like the beginnings of MS - fortunately they determind it wasn't. We had been having alot of problems with his parents and when I was four months we decided to do counseling with them. It was horrible and my MIL was just awful to me. So we decided to distance ourselves from them and others who would cause us unneeded stress and that caused alot of drama. Through most of my pregnancy I had severe depression and paranioa. I was convinced that my MIL would try to steal my babies from the hospital. At 7 and 1/2 months I was put on bedrest because I had severe edema. One of my twins (baby a) was not gaining weight and would often times go quiet. I worried alot about her. I wanted to have a vaginal delivery but my Dr. kept pushing for a c-section. baby a finally moved to head down and so did baby b but then the dr said that baby b might turn feet first after a was delivered and because a was so small we would have to section b. I had been having contractions for months and decided that if when I went to the hospital, if I was opened at all and the babies were both head down, I would go ahaed with the induction. That was not the case. So the reality of a long difficult labor, accompanied with the stress it would put on baby a and the possibility of a section anyway, I decided to have the section. Of course my paranoia was in full force and I believed they would take my babies away while I was drugged or tell me baby a died and other things - just crazy! I was shaking violently from fear as they rolled me into surgery. In the end it all turned out fine. Both babies are well and will be 1 year this week. They are so beautiful - I would go through it all again for them. 
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Seconded on the distancing from nutty in-laws. Only solution. Mine are 3500 miles away. We get on great:)

I have PCOS as well and had all the scares that you did. I was put on bedrest at 20 weeks and at the time was married to an abusive husband. I am grateful that my boys were born healthy and I truly believe that a higher power was involved. I firmly believe that if people (inlaws especially) do not add anything positive to your life then the best thing is to place as much distance between them and you. Happy Birthday to your beautiful girls and congratulations, you've made it through the first year of twins. It gets easier from year 1 and up...

It sounds like you really had a stressful pregnancy. I think you were smart to distance yourself from your inlaws since your MIL was causing problems. You know its funny what pregnancy does to you. I had horrible dreams when I was pregnant with my son. I kept having this reoccuring nightmare that I was walking up some stairs carrying him and that I dropped him. I would wake up so freaked out! Of course thank god that never happened but I can remember being so paranoid.