Lost Twin

My boyfriend i decided to have a baby after 3yrs of being together. Luckily We had success on the first try! I wanted to go to the Dr as soon as i found out i was pregnant and found out at 5 weeks that i was having fraternal twins!! So excited I told everyone right away. My Dr decided to have me come in every three weeks due to carrying multiples. Everything was right on track and going perfectly. The only thing was that baby b was always two or three days behind the other but everyone said i had nothing to worry about. I also have a 5yr old daughter (from a previous relationship) who told me I was expecting a boy and girl as soon as I found out I was pregnant, before the fact that I knew it was going to be twins. We were all so happy and my daughter was so proud that she was getting two siblings and told everyone who I hadn't already told! I went in for my 20week ultrasound and measured baby a, everything was perfect and found out it was a boy measuring 20.4 weeks! As soon as the ultrasound tech moved over to measure baby b I knew something was wrong! She started with the head and as I watched the number on the screen measure, I just broke down and started crying as I knew something was wrong! Skull and head to rump both measured at 15.5 weeks. The ultrasound tech then told me she was going to have the Dr come in and talk to me before she even finished anything else. The Dr came in and told me what i already knew at that time... I had lost baby b. They couldn't check anything else on it because it had shrunk in size and had begun to be reabsorb into the placenta. They were also unable to determine the gender. I was in such shock i didn't wanna listen to anyone there anymore and just wanted to leave asap! The Dr did tell me that they were not going to remove the fetus and that they didn't know what had gone wrong or why I lost my baby. Its only been three weeks since then and I still feel very overwhelmed by the loss!! I'm now 23.6 weeks and still constantly trying to hold it together. Ive told my 5yr old she having a little brother instead of two babies and she is still very happy... I'm still happy and very excited and hoping nothing else goes wrong. Im very thankful to still have a healthy happy baby boy! My boyfriend hasn't showed much emotion about the loss and its really bothering me. I wish he at least showed he cared or could talk to me about it. I went to the Dr yesterday and the ultrasound machine was down but they checked the heart rate and ti was 160 bpm. They now want me to come in every two weeks just to be safe. I think hes going to be just fine and am keeping myself together as much as possible. Well i guess that's it for now and thanks for listening to my story. Please pray for me and my baby boy!
ejc9121 ejc9121
18-21, F
Jan 10, 2013