4 Pregnancies 2 Babies...

My husband and I planned our family before starting one. We'd have 2, 2 yrs apart. If they were both same sex, we'd have a third the 3rd year after the second was born.

The first time we tried we were pregnant! I was elated! Then the 2nd month came and I suffered hyperemisis gravidarim. I prolly didn't spell that right... but I lost 15% of my wieght, got sick every time I ate anything or drank more than a sip of water every several minutes. I was so desperate for food. I felt weak and shakey and felt like I was loosing my mind! Then after several trips to the ER for fluid IV's and the Dr, saying over and over "it's normal..." I talked to the nurse practitioner. I truly believe she saved my life and that of my baby. She LISTENED to me and took my concerns seriously and prescribed reglan. With that pill I was able to eat a small meal a few times a day, lay down, and keep it down! Then as my pregnancy progressed I didn't need the med. anymore after the 3rd month. Then came the "small for age" and IUGR that I always thought came from my starvation earlier and I worried about my baby's health. My baby girl was born at 5lbs 3oz, 2wks early.

The second pregnancy was a breeze, with my little girl being born so fast she had a bruised face! Poor baby...

So because we had 2 girls we started trying for our third when our youngest was 2yrs old. In Sept.last year I found I was pregnant! I was so excited. Then we went for our first U/S and there was no baby. It was a blighted ovum, a baby never developed, and I miscarried naturally at 11wks.

Then at the end of March this year, just four months later, I passed similar tissue to my previous miscarriage. I hadn't even known I was pregnant. I was very upset, because I didn't know if I had lost someone this time. I blamed myself for having to take pain med. for a dental condition I had at the time. Then on March 30, I suffered horrible abdominal pain. I didn't know what was happening. I had expected this miscarriage to go like the first. My husband called an ambulance. The pain felt like labor. I was scared at first, then somehow I wasn't. They gave me demeral at the ER (which made me feel GOOD!) and did an ultrasound and found I had a ruptured tube and ectopic. I was so upset cause I thought that proved I'd lost somebody. There HAD to have been a baby there! There's no way there wouldn't have been. It wasn't fair that my baby had to die just because he chose the wrong spot! Poor unfortunate soul! So they did emergency surgery and removed my left tube  and I was released in 3days. I waited for weeks to find out what the pathology would say. So I'd know how old my baby had been.... but somehow there had been no baby that time either! The report said "no fetal tissue evident" I don't know how it happened but I didn't loose a baby in either of my 2 miscarriages! I'm fortunate in that way, yet not so fortunate when it comes to my next pregnancy that I'm still trying for. The docs say it will be high risk. I'll have to be monitored closely. Really I don't care. As long as I get my third babe and they're healthy, I don't care what I have to do!
Sioko Sioko
26-30, F
Jun 7, 2007