He Dumped Me Because I Lost the Baby!!!

Iv'e been dating my boyfriend (well ex now) for a little while now. And about four weeks into our relationship i found out i was pregnant..At first i did not want to keep the baby because our relationship was already on the rocks. But he told me how much he wanted to be a family with me and that this would be the right thing to do..So we kept the baby and a few weeks into the pregnancy the doctors found out that i may not be able to carry the baby to term..we kept out hopes up but then i noticed some spotting followed by heavy cramping..I lost the baby on november 24. He blamed me for losing the baby, that i did something wrong and thats why the baby died..And to add insult to the injury he dumped me on top of that!!! Iv'e never been so crushed in my life

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4 Responses Nov 28, 2008

I'm sorry for your loss. I can't imagine how tuff this is on you weather or not you wanted the baby. Consider his dumb*** leaving you a blessing, noone needs someone like that in there life. Keep your head up. If you ever need to talk or vent or whatever I'm here with millions of others you can freely talk to. Good luck.

I am sorry to hear that you lost your baby. It is not your fault at all. I've lost three babies, after my first lost I had my first live birth. As far as mr.mr. he doesn't deserve you someone who really loves you will be there for you no matter what. I know it hurts like crazy i've been there. You will heal with time, and that special man will find you and you will know it. God bless and heal you.

I am so sorry... hang in there! *Hugs*

hugs to you == I know how hard this is to have a miscarriage. He sounds like a really mean person. <br />
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Feel free to grieve for the loss of your baby - this takes time, but this will help you. <br />
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I'm so sorry for your loss.