I Had Are-eclampsia Twice

I had been put on bedrest at 6mos. gestation with my first pregnancy due to pre-eclampsia. I also had gestational diabetes that was controlled with diet. My beautiful and perfect first baby was born three weeks early on a Tuesday by c-section after labor was induced on Sunday nite and did not progress. The surgery and recovery was bad, but not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Five months later, I was pregnant again. At six months gestation, on bedrest again with pre-eclampsia again. This time, my breathtaking, sweet & snuggly little person was taken by c-section four weeks early. Fortunately, everyone is fine. I look at my teenage daughters, now both taller than me, and am amazed that they started life so tiny and frail looking. By the way, after c-section number two, I had my tubes tied.
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I had pre eclampcia too. My b/p. Started to elevate at 4 months. The doctor put me on pills to control it and i had to spend the night in the hospital. I was considered a high risked pregnancy. She put me on bed rest but i had to work. My son would of had nothing if i stopped . I tried to test as much as possible but it didn't help. I went for a doctors visit and she emitted me at 6 months and told me i was going to have the baby. I was crying. I thought that my baby wasnt going to make it. I got the two shots to help the babies lungs mature and for some reason. My b/p went down. I was able to carry him for two more weeks. My body started to shut down. Liver and kidneys were failing. I had slot of protein in my urine. My body swelled up. I was scared. I had a emergency c-section. He was two and a half months early. He weighed 2lbs 8 ounces. Now Hes twoyears old and over 30lbs

I am so sorry for these terrible and scary pregnancies, I had twins at age 17 and was put on bed rest at 4 months but it was nothing like yours and all I can say is how frigile life can be.

Creating life is a dangerous and exciting privilege. A few months ago my group of friends received a horrible call, our friend was in the hospital in a coma. She had eclampsia and her brain had hemorrhaged. The doctors delivered her baby early but they think he had already passed away while still inside his mom. She was removed from her breathing tubes and passed away a few days later with her fiance at her side. She was 23 years old. It was my first funeral, I'm 24, and I have never experienced anything so terrible in my life. Not only did they have the baby in the casket with my friend, but he was so tiny I will NEVER forget that experience. Just wanted to share an outsiders perspective on how scary pregnancy complications can be. I do not have kids nor do I want them, but I love children and the joy they bring us. I want you to know that I love you for your courage and the risks you took to bring your family the happiness that only a child can provide.

I had pre-eclampsia. I was on bedrest in hospital for 18 days, then delivered naturally at 33 weeks. My son was 4 lbs, 2 oz. He stayed in NICU for two weeks. I didn't want to leave him, but I was already discharged. I went to see him everyday.<br />
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Now he is a healthy, bouncing 10 month old. We are currently teething ...

i had preeclampsia, but my dr didn't put me on bed rest. i was in the office several times a week for check ups, and at least twice a wk in the maternity ward for the fetal monitering. this. in addition to almost daily migraines and naseau, on top of all the stress in my personal life, was not fun. after one fetal mcheck-up, my blood pressure shot up, and i couldn't even see from the pain of my migraine, he decided to admit me and induce me. that was on a friday, i didn't have my daughter until the following monday evening, by cesarean. and then i couldn't even hold her until the night after, because he kept me doped up on blood pressure meds. that part was pointless, if you ask me. but hearing you had the same complications with both of your pregnancies makes me really nervous about having another.

I understand this. I had no preeclampisa but I suffered from eclampsia two weeks postpartum and had multiple seizures and almost hemorraged in my brain.

I had it in all four of my pregnancies...the first one it didn't materialize until the day I delivered and it didn't get bad...the second one I was two weeks over due and hadn't been able to get a doctor to listen to me that things weren't right until we decided to move back to Washington State so that we could have the same doc that delivered our son and knew my history. Baby #2 arrived safe and sound...baby #3, different story. I was diagnosed with moderate pre-eclampsia and they induced labor the same day. He was four weeks early but pretty much healthy... had to stay in the hospital for a few days, but alright. Baby #4...Severe pre-eclampsia with bp of 170/110 five and a half weeks early...She had to stay in the NICU for about a week and a half. My husband got a vasectomy about a month after she was born. I wish that we could have more babies, because we make lovely ones, but it's just much too dangerous.

I had it late in my pregnancy. It was such a frightening experience, I've been too scared to risk another pregnancy.