Water Broke Early

3 1/2 weeks early.  Got on the petocin... Rough on a 36 year old.

He just did not want to come out.  Got the epidural which was great.

30 hours and exhaustion later.... Still no baby... Got out the plunger which I could feel on the drugs and still no baby.

Doc took me down for a C-section.  You have to let the epidural wear off and the new drugs take over.  The C-section was great.  I joked with the Doc while I was numb.  He said be nice or he would stitch a smiley face, I laughed and said ok...lol

The baby's oxygen levels dropped so I did not get to hold him.... They took him to a bigger hospital where they had a NICU.  

There is an extreme amount of pain with the C section to heal.  You cant take a bath for days.  Your hair turns to grease.  When they finally let you up to brush your teeth, you cant move.  It feels like the stitches are ripping.  You stay doped up on percoset.

I got to see the baby maybe the next day after getting a day pass.  The car hit every pot hole, the pain was severe.  I am really good with pain, but this really hurt. 

They really are worth it.

Even up to a week later, It felt like I was having a heart attack, finally took some ant acids and the pain lessened in my chest.

The baby got to come home 10 days later.

It was an interresting experience.


36-40, F
Sep 12, 2009