Placenta Preevia

I am the mother of 4 wonderful,beautiful kids. My oldest will be 19 in December. I was 18 when I got pregnant with him. I was very scared, and his dad wasn't very happy. Other than having bad morning,afternoon,and evening sickness it was a pretty unevenful pregnancy. I never even had an ultrasound. I had the feeling it was a boy. After 28 long hours of labor, he came into the world weighing 9lbs 9 oz 21.5 inches long with a sprinkling of very dark brown hair. I was on top of the world!

At 20 I got pregnant again. This time was very different. I was sooooo sick,.I lived on ginger ale and saltine crackers for about 4 months. I lost 15 lbs. In July, I began bleeding, and was taken off work for 2 weeks. Bleeding stopped and I was relaesed to go back to work. Bleeding started right back up, heavier now. I was told I could not work, and was to be on bedrest. That was a joke, I had no one to help me. My son was only 19 months old. My husband worked 14-16 hour days. My family lived in another state. In laws lived a mile away but mil would not help. Found out placenta was laying under baby and covering mouth of uterus. Still spotting, constantly being yelled at by DR. Because of spotting, obviously I was not staying off my feet, and because I was too fat! Now remember I lost 15 lbs in first 3 months, which I did put back on when I was able to eat. Not that the morning sickness ever went away, had it whole 9 months! Anyway, I only gained 10 lbs. On December 14,1990 my daughter came into the world weighing 10 lbs,21.5 inches long. The placents did finally migrate enough in the last 6 weeks for her to be a natural delivery. However she came "sunny side up" and was not descending into the pelvis very easily, I almost had to have her c-section. Dr gave me until 3:30 to have her or he was going to scetion me. I had no pain meds, as this was a very small hospital and Dr did not use them. I had great nurses, they had me push on all 4's, squatting,sitting anything to get the baby out. At 3:12 my daughter was born, no section for me. She came out perfect like a section baby. All chubby faced.

2 years later, the only planned pregnancy I ever had, ended in a miscarriage at 10 weeks. I was in labor for 2 days this time. Stupid DR told me after I would not likely have any more kids.

Dec 94 I again got pregant, much to my surprise and disbelief. Pretty easy uneventful pregnancy. I took the best care of myself. I was very concerned, being overweight. But everything was great. Agian due to morning sickness I lost 10 lbs in first 3 months. Gained it back, then another 10lbs. Emotionally this was a very difficult time for me as I was going thru a divorce. I had moved away from my soon to be ex husband, and now lived in a different state, where my parents are. My mom was with me when we welcomed my son into the world on my dads birthday! He came out with as the DR put it a muffin head. On 9-14-95 at 1:42 am wieghing 8lbs 8 oz 21.5 inches long. With a head full of very dark brown hair. I had such a bond closeness to him, due to the fact of going thru a divorce from his dad. He was a huge inspiration for me to go back to college! To this day the boy still has a head full of very thick brown hair!

2000 my fiancee and were trying to conceive. I did in Feb, March the stick turned blue and we did a dance. But 3 days later we were not pregnant anymore.

November,2000 we were able to conceive again. We were secretly very happy at christmas but had not told anyone yet. Due to the fact that I had started to spot, and was taken off work. Was off for 4 weeks, due to having a blood pocket or sak between the fetus and placenta. It dissapated, no more spotting. Back to work I went. About 3 months along I began having pregnancy induced migraines. They would last anywhere from 2 days to a week. I was miserable, and they were limited as to what they could give me. These lasted my whole pregnancy. At my 37 week ultra sound, the technician kept going over the babys head, being a nurse I knew something was wrong, she would not tell me, just I needed to wait for the Dr. I had my daughter with me who was almost 11 at the time. I'm trying to stay calm for her sake. They finally have me back in an examine room. Dr comes in with this very worried look on her face. She tells me my son has enlarged ventricles, that he is going to be born with hydrocephalus. She is apologizing as she does not know how they did not find it earlier. I am crying and so is my daughter. They call down to IU med center and make a appt for  me in 3 days. I am a basket case by now, my fiancee has been calling around to find me as my appt went for 3 hours. I go home we hold each other and cry, he hugs my belly kisses it. We go to IU med center see a pediatric neurosurgeon and another Dr, have another ultrasound. We are being prepped to have a hydrocephalus baby. We leave feeling overwhelmed, not knowing if we have to go back there to have the baby or can we have him here like our birth plan. The end of your pregnancy is to be happy and in anticipation. Ours was stressful, very scary, unknown facts, many Dr visits here and 2.5 hours away. It was finally decided(this all happened within 7 days) we could go for a natural delivery, but induced now. Had to get him out  before his head got bigger. We would have NICU on standby, actually in delivery with us. We had to get the other kids shot records to the hospital in case our son went to NICU. So the kids could visit him, prove they were up to date with shots. We arrived at the hospital on July 26 at 6pm as instructed. They were going to place to tablet on uterus to start softening it, then hopefully we would have baby Fri. No such luck. Tried all day Fri, Sat And Sun. Finally Sun contractions are productive and dilating. Fiancee there, daughter and my mom. Daughter is counting for me. fiancee holding hand and leg, keeps saying how much he loves me and how proud he is. Baby not coming down, pushing over 2 hours. Am emotionally and physically exhausted. Dr turned into a b, yells at me I just need to push harder. Mom takes Dr out into hall lets her have it. They come back in babys heart has dropped into 90's. Off I go to have a c-section, I'm crying saying I'm sorry, daughter is crying too, which makes me cry more. Epidural(which I got poked 19 times for) never worked. So had to give me more meds, which in turn made me groggy and I could not even see my son when the brought him over.  Our son made his debut on Sunday July 29 2001 at 10:26 pm weighing in at 9lbs 2.5 oz and 21.5 inches long. I remember hearing him cry and fiancee kissing me with tears running down his face. I told him to go with our son and make sure he was ok, that was all I cared about at this point. Besides I was getten a tubal. It was about 3 am when I finally got to see and hold my son. I unwrapped him and had a good look. To me his head did not look like a hydro baby. About 10 am they took him for a CT and MRI. About 1pm the neonatologist came and talked to us. Told us our son does not have hydrocephalus. Instead he has something know as acc or agenesis of corpus callusom. HUH!!! He only gave us some basic info, never told us all the things that could be wrong or any of the problems he could have. I guess you could say we were in ignorant bliss. We were so happy our little boy did not have hydro. All the family came up to see him. Everyone I worked with ,as I worked at the hospital on a different unit. My fiancee was wonderful, he stayed with me at the hospital the whole time. Only leaving to go home and put clean sheets on the bed, clean the bathroom and do the dishes! But he made sure my mom would be there soon so I was not alone very long. Not only did I immediately fall in love with our son but I fell deeper in love with my fiancee thru the whole ordeal.

Having my kids has been the hardest yet most rewarding experience of my life. Obviously, if I did ot 4 times! They have taught me things, everyday has been a learning experience. I have learned life is so precious, to slow down a bit and just enjoy the time you have with them. In an instant they are grown and gone.

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