Cervical Insufficiency At 24 Weeks Pregnang

I am 34 years old. I am so fortunate to have carried my first daughter who is now 2 1/2 yrs old to full term. We wanted to expand our family and give her a little brother or sister. I found out in August that I was expecting again. I was very excited. All was going well until in a sonogram it was noticed that my cervix was shortening. In a repeat sonogram in the following appointment the length of the cervix shortened even more.  On a 3rd visit funneling of the cervix was observed. I was sent to the hospital, monitored, and given steroid shots to help lungs of baby develop. After 24 hr observation with no active signs of labor, I was sent home on full bedrest. Its been 2 days since I've been home from the hospital. I am grateful that my mom is here with me and caring for me and my family.  In the meantime I trying to learn as much as I can about my diagnosis and possible treaments. I am also searching for a supportive group to be a part of during the remainder of my experience.

Fiel Fiel
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I'm going thru this right now.. I have a 1 yr old daughter who was born 9 weeks early.. I'm 25 weeks with my second daughter and they noticed my cervix is shortening.. They want me on bedrest starting next week but I don't know how that's possible with a toddler.. I don't know anybody that doesn't have a job so it's not like I can just have friends take care of her.. I'm really scared by all this, and my husband works 14 hr days so he doesn't really have time to comfort me.. With all the advances in modern technology and medicine why can't we prevent things like this from happening??

I have the same problem with pregnancy. I have an incompetent cervix, which causes the premature shortening of the cervix. I also carried my son to full term, my cervix was shortening at 18 wks, bi-weekly check ups showed that it continuously shortened and by 28 wks I was hospitalized. I was given steroids for the lungs, medications to relax the uterus even though labor hadnt officially started yet. I was on strict bedrest, only allowed bathroom priveledges. They kept me for a week, and sent me home on full bed rest, with weekly ultrasounds to check my cervix. It was a pain in the ***, and the scariest most stressful time I ever experienced, but I had my son full term and he was healthy. I am now pregnant a second time. And Im sorry to tell you if your doctor already hasnt, that this complication does not go away. If you ever choose to have more children, you will always have to do so with the same precautions. Ultrasounds, bed rest.. it doesnt go away. I hope more than anything I make it with this baby, and it will be the last child I have. Because even though I love my children and they are miracles, the emotional distress of a hard pregnancy is far to much for me to handle a third time.