Placenta Eruption

hi im 26 weeks pregnant with my 4th child my waters broke at 24 weeks had heavy bleedin so went to hospital to find out i had a placenta eruption and my membranes are detatchin from the wall with no fluid left around the baby i go to the hospital every week now for vall my obs blood test scans and swabs and so far the baby is doing well he is still kickin me like mad. i have been told they recon between 26-28wks i wil give birth but im determed to hold on til after 30wks so wil find out monday how the baby is doing :) im stil scared incase he comes early but i pray and talk to him every night and hopin he wil stay. its my parters first son as he has 3 girls with his ex .

im just wonderin if anyone has been in my position or is in my position who can give me more infrmation please

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1 Response Apr 17, 2010

hi how r u going has ure little one come yet i had a placentra eruption at 22wks+3 days only mine broke right off the wall leaving me to bleed to death n have blood tranfusion ending up in a coma waking up to be told my little boy didnt make it he was stillborn so i hope ure placentra held on for u and you bub is ok good luck with everything.