I was suffering from psoriasis from 3 years , a year ago I was lying on the hospital bed due to dengue and so my relatives brought me some fresh young coconuts , I used to drink coconut water daily .. and kabooom ...! my psoriasis was curing , no med ever did this kind of miraculous effect on me as coconut water did. My psoriasis was over in a month or two . and didn't appeared for 8 months but as soon I stopped drinking coconut water it appeared all over again . And so I searched over internet the cause of it and I found ,
psoriasis can occur due to deficiency of zinc in our body and several vitamins as well as due to excess of copper in body or due to higher blood cholesterol , and coconut water is a great supplement of zinc and essential vitamins which helps in balancing the level of above written essential nutrients in our body.
so the inference is no matter you are a psoriasis patient or not JUST DRINK COCONUT WATER DAILY
kopalsharma1 kopalsharma1
18-21, F
Aug 27, 2014