i live in florida. during the summer it is hot and muggy. it's like the fishing here.
  during the mornings it's "relatively" cool to you and me. but that's when to a bass, it's the time to attack. the bass is cool, calm and collected. focused. it's time for breakfast. the "breakfast" on the other hand, is trying to grow up. barely aware of anything other than it's little grass world that it lives in. but it wants to explore. vaguely aware of a nightmare. something out there.  
  about 10, the sun is up. the waters have really begun to warm up. and we are really beginning to sweat. the bass is just laying back, ready to eat if something presents itself, but he ain't going to work to get it. the breakfast see this new shiny world out there.
  at 1, the bass has had breakfast, and has retreated to deeper waters. it's time for a siesta. unless you probe deep, you will  not find him.
  and then the rain comes. cooling the waters. oxygenating the waters. his food, the breakfast, hiding in the shallow grass, revel in the cooling rain.
  and they forget about him. they go out and play.
  most escape his attention. a few draw it. a few ignore it.
  i feel like the breakfast, and understand the bass.

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1 Response Aug 13, 2010

Been to Florida, lived the a short time in the 80's, Bunell-Flagler beach area, enjoyed it, was looking for a job then--Midwest was going through its first throes of decline. Alas and alack I didn't but won good money playing Jai Alai. Came back with some money to carry me until my lease was up.