Rest Area Romp

A few years back, I decided to rent a car and drive across the States to see some friends and family. Since I worked a lot overseas, it would give me a break from the flying.

Kansas, being the boring State that it is, gave me the opportunity to think up some horny thoughts to pass the time. I decided to pull off into a rest area and rub one out while wearing my favorite stockings and heels. Since it was pretty early in the morning, I didn't think there would be too many people handing around and the experience would give me a rush.

I noticed only one other car in the parking area with one man. He looked to be sleeping, so I grabbed my 'fun bag' and headed to the mens room. Once I was there, I took a stall and set my bag in the floor and took out a pair of my black stay-up stockings. They felt great - so good I decided to drive with them on under my light pants. Once I put on the heels, I went out of the stall to get my wig on so I could really feel daring and hot. I was feeling like a total **** and I walked into the stall to rub one out.

As I sat, I noticed someone had written a message on the wall to walk outside and then walk back in if anyone wanted some action. No telling how long that message was there, but it sounded like a good kink to me.

I walked out with my '**** gear' on and bent over to grab a drink of water before heading back in. I assumed that since I was the only one out and about, it would be a good thrill. Little did I know, but my sleeping gentleman was quite awake and eyeing me the whole time.

A while after entering the stall, the bathroom door opened and someone immediately walked into the stall next to me. I noticed a small hole in the wall made by a screw and peered in. On the other side was an attractive **** being stroked by an older gentleman in his 50s. It was quite rigid and thick as he stroked it toward the wall knowing full well that I was checking him out. I let out a soft girlish moan as if I was a wanton ***** dying for a meat injection.

Soon my stall door swung open and I was face to face with a beautiful **** and a handsome gentleman with a desire to be sucked off then and there.

I went to work on my new friend's meat-stick, and he fingered my tight bung whole during the session. It was easy to hear if someone else had driven into the parking area, but I was beyond caring by now. As he fingered my *** I gave him some lube to get in deep because I had to have this **** buried in my lady-hole. It was about that time that we heard a car drive up and he immediately came into the stall and locked the door.

He sat on the toilet and I positioned my sphincter on top of his **** head. A slight push and a few grunts later, he was up in my intestines with that love stick. Soon, we could hear what sounded like a mother and two young girls in the bathroom next door. We continued our passionate **** session.

A few minutes later, my stud was ready to blow a load already, and my **** was oozing so much pre-***, it was difficult to tell if I had *** already. Before he shot off I moaned and dropped to my knees and grabbed his **** and proceeded to stroke him off on my face. It was sheer lust and heaven as he throated a low grunt that grew into a load groan as spurt after spurt landed on my face and lips as well as my wig. I was close behind letting out a load, passionate sigh as I blew my load onto the floor. Simply amazing...

We could hear a few chuckles coming from the bathroom next door before we heard the door open listened as they exited. My new friend and I cleaned up a bit and he gave me his number before walking out of the bathroom.

As I packed my heels and wig and started walking out, another man approached the bathroom and looked me in the eye, 'Leaving already?' came his words with a smile and a wink. Gazing at his wife sitting in their SUV, I returned into the bathroom for 'round 2' of my rest area romp.
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It often seems that there's no action until something happens and everyone comes out. I pulled into a rest stop that I had visited before. There was only one other car I walked past it and saw a cute guy . I smiled and went into the mens room. It was empty so knowing I was alone except for one guy, I took off my guy clothes. Underneath my wife had dressed me in drag. I put on my heels and after I smoked a joint and did some coke I felt brave enough and headed toward the door. I was a little unsteady on my heels and almost fell when he came in and caught me. It was so romantic, he was younger and cuter. He turned me around and pushed me .not too gently. back inside. He laughed and told me that as soon as he saw me outside he knew I was a ****** but was surprised that I was a sissy. I was so excited, first being with him and then by the way he was treating me. Him laughing and callin me those names. I still hadn't said anything. He asked me if I was a **********, I knew I blushed but said nothing. He pushed me to my knees and told me to answer and when I didn't he grapped me by my hair and pulled it hard. He told me to answer and I said yes. But that wasn't enough I had to say the words -"Yes, I'm a ********** andyes I'm a sissy" .He told me to take his **** into my mouth , now this order was something I didn't hesitate. He came pretty quickly and when he pulled out I heard him say "Go ahead" When he moved I realized there were two other guys watching. He told them to go ahead. I liked it when he told them I was a good cockesucker.Here I am kneeling on a dirty mens room floor. my mouth full of a stranger's *** and smiling because he called me a good **********. Diane would be so proud.I blew both of them and realized it was 4AM and the bars were letting out I ended up serving 3 more guys So much fun/

I guess I'll have to do something about that...