I Picked Up A Horny Blonde **** At The Rest Stop

This is one of the most amazing things to happen to me with a woman...

It had been a long day and I had a very long commute that day as I had been working out of state. 3 hours in, i decided to stop at a rest area and get a break. i was tired, very horny and needed to get my body stretched out. I left my car and entered the rest stop  building which had 4 or 5 restaurants and  a store. I entered the store to browse and see if there were any hot women about that i might lust over and perhaps chat a bit with and maybe more if i was very lucky. As i entered a beautiful young blonde girl immediately said hello and asked me how i was doing. She sounded a bit tired and in need of a break too. i replied, "well, a bit tired and worn out. how about you?". She immediately responded that she was too and that she couldn't wait to get off work. I asked her what time she ended her shift and she said in 15 minutes at 6. we chatted and i found out she was a police academy student and that she wanted to be undercover cop. i told her she was far too pretty to be a cop only because her great looks might get her into trouble with all the guys on the force! she loved that and we continued our banter. finally customers started entering and we had to stop chatting so she could work. I hung out until 6 and suggested we have a coffee.

we hit the starbucks and i immediately went for it and asked her if she liked having sex with older men she had just met. she laughed and said she had never done that before so she didn't know. I asked her if she'd like to find out with me, and she demurely answered sure! well, i nearly lost it right then and there - with excited anticipation and my jaw dropped! i suggested she and i go to my car and find a nice remote place to park it. we walked out to the car and i grabbed and held her hand as we walked - we were both nervous because i could feel her hand shaking a bit. we hopped into my car and pulled out of the area onto the highway. she said she knew the area and so we got off the first exit. i suggested she unbutton her shirt and pants and give a peak at here awesome body. she obliged much to my delight! she unbuttoned her top down to her waist and i could see she had a great set of **** riding up nice and high in her push up bra. then she pulled them out on top of the bra without unhooking it. what a great sight - hard erect nipples on firm young c cup *******!

well, i pulled into a school lot and headed to the very back corner and i immediately started sucking her **** as soon as we parked. she grabed my now erect **** through my pants and told me, "i want to suck that!" Well, i was more than happy to oblige so i reclined the seat and pulled it out. she immediately went down on me. i spread her nice blonde locks all over my stomach and thighs and then reached around her back side and slid my hand down her pants. a very ******* nice tight *** with a great **** bulging out - so i slipped my finger into her now wet **** hole. I couldn't believe this young hottie was giving me the time of day - mind you, i'm not at all unattractive but i am 20 years older than her for sure!

we stopped and she pulled down her pants and jumped on me and rode me cowgirl style until we both blew our loads at the same time! it was awesome and we both loved it. we kept it up and she came like three more times and I finally did *** again, too - which i never do (at least in the last 15 years)!

we drove back and enjoyed suggling up on the way. it was a once in a lifetime meeting and i'll never forget that sweet girl.

samiddleisbest samiddleisbest 46-50, M 5 Responses Nov 24, 2009

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There ought to be more women like this.....very rare to find and you are one lucky bugger!

yes indeed... you like that?

Thanks for the comment Bonnie.

Interesting encounter, most young women do like older men. Glad you enjoyed her, most women if treated respectfully do want to make sure their men even if a stranger gets pleasure. Your story goes out to prove it. Thanks for posting.

Yes indeedy!